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Discussion of Problem 1008. Image Encoding

I don't understand the problemRyan Shaikh1008. Image Encoding3 Mar 2021 17:220  
[Hint] WA2hadooken1008. Image Encoding20 Dec 2019 11:470  
Getting WA#1 with my code C#nokkie1008. Image Encoding25 Jun 2019 06:020  
Crash (access violation) #2! Help! I'm not understand!PSYCHO1008. Image Encoding28 Jan 2018 10:121  
If you have WA#1, look here.William Lam1008. Image Encoding28 Jan 2018 09:511  
Test 2 is incorrect!P_Nyagolov1008. Image Encoding24 Oct 2017 12:372  
HelpMukul Barai1008. Image Encoding9 Jan 2017 17:360  
HELPMukul Barai1008. Image Encoding9 Jan 2017 17:310  
HELP!CRASH in test 1!Please HELP ME!GHLXLF1008. Image Encoding9 Jan 2017 16:381  
What is test 1Hakkinen1008. Image Encoding21 Jan 2015 02:242  
wa2linjek1008. Image Encoding7 Aug 2014 18:550  
TO ADMIN (NOT problem specific) Time Limit On SubmissionDiaz9001008. Image Encoding24 Sep 2013 05:172  
only using "bfs"Huang Chen1008. Image Encoding30 Jun 2013 14:580  
ReadLine().Trim() ===> Crash #2DR. Zhihua Lai1008. Image Encoding16 Apr 2013 04:182  
Runtime error (Access violation)Ximera1008. Image Encoding15 Mar 2013 23:250  
IF YOU HAVE TLE #6Grigor Gevorgian1008. Image Encoding22 Feb 2013 09:003  
What am I missing ?_Ioone_1008. Image Encoding17 Feb 2013 11:564  
Help neededile1008. Image Encoding17 Feb 2013 07:596  
If you CRASH in test 2...vetas1008. Image Encoding20 Nov 2012 20:464  
WA#6IgorKoval(from Pskov)1008. Image Encoding18 Jan 2012 21:510  

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