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Discussion of Problem 1025. Democracy in Danger

WA What's wrong with my code?P0Vlin1025. Democracy in Danger29 Nov 2022 20:090  
what wanted in this problem?ruhulkuddus.cse@gmail.com1025. Democracy in Danger24 Jan 2022 19:110  
Accepted C#Адель1025. Democracy in Danger28 Aug 2021 19:181  
Runtime error javaSchwarz1025. Democracy in Danger21 May 2020 02:021  
Why wrong answer? Alexander1025. Democracy in Danger21 Feb 2020 01:551  
Proper hints for all the test cases out theresamio1025. Democracy in Danger21 Feb 2020 01:530  
Doubt regarding solutionashwin1025. Democracy in Danger25 Apr 2019 02:142  
If you have WA #5german_goncharov1025. Democracy in Danger10 Apr 2019 20:360  
Accepted !!! =)Jairls181025. Democracy in Danger7 Apr 2019 15:054  
why wrong answer # test case 5Anupam Patel1025. Democracy in Danger7 Oct 2018 18:280  
Wrong answer! Test 5 is failed. PythonQuietude1025. Democracy in Danger20 Sep 2018 00:291  
WA test#3 what is the problem??sj alim1025. Democracy in Danger16 Jul 2018 02:360  
How you've get 0.001 ?KOTnt1025. Democracy in Danger29 Oct 2017 14:313  
I didn't Understand the solutionIamyeasin1025. Democracy in Danger29 Oct 2017 14:100  
Use heap. Use number 0.5*K+1.Mahilewets1025. Democracy in Danger17 Jun 2017 01:050  
где ошибка?Nick1025. Democracy in Danger10 Dec 2016 03:242  
I don't know where is wrong. ( Pascal )Babin Alexander1025. Democracy in Danger14 Oct 2016 22:411  
Why Compilation error?vladi_pavloff1025. Democracy in Danger27 Mar 2016 00:531  
My code showing Run time error Non zero exit code. Why?Md johirul Islam1025. Democracy in Danger30 May 2015 01:080  
1025 WA#2 (C)kh10241025. Democracy in Danger27 Jan 2015 05:351  

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