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Discussion of Problem 1028. Stars

Need hint pbsdRafid1028. Stars28 Jun 2020 14:430  
0.031s 312KB C++ sulotionpanhantao1028. Stars5 May 2020 19:566  
HintAyush Mahajan1028. Stars30 Nov 2019 17:240  
Runtime Error at 3 testDidi (OSU11)1028. Stars15 Nov 2018 23:410  
1024000000 array sizeDidi (OSU11)1028. Stars15 Nov 2018 21:100  
I have solution, but I need some help.I.J. Matrix1028. Stars3 Jul 2018 14:393  
segment tree AC 0.015Otabek Toshkanov1028. Stars21 Jun 2018 03:040  
WA9? NEED HELP!anonymous1028. Stars6 Jun 2018 22:142  
почему WA 3? помогитеJamesBond_0071028. Stars8 Apr 2016 16:516  
Java BIT gets TLE, C++ AC ?begi1028. Stars29 Mar 2016 22:282  
HintTakanashi Rikka1028. Stars25 Feb 2016 08:380  
How I got TL while i'm using the binary treefadi.masalmah1028. Stars1 Jul 2015 11:151  
Hintlakerka1028. Stars22 Mar 2015 03:340  
AC with segment tree in O(N*log(32000))[RISE] Levon Oganesyan [RAU]1028. Stars12 Sep 2014 12:180  
why i always got wrong 3 ?yuanyuan1028. Stars9 Aug 2014 23:305  
Delete this post ( double post )begi1028. Stars6 Aug 2013 17:080  
Can you give me some "extra" test or smth like that... My prog passed all my tests but i get wa#3... Zerolog1c [LNU]1028. Stars3 Jul 2013 21:292  
wrong answerCS031028. Stars31 Jul 2012 04:300  
my AC solution with 0.015s 220KBsahand1028. Stars9 Apr 2012 05:522  
Crash (Access Violation)Ankit Mehta1028. Stars15 Mar 2012 15:251  

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