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Discussion of Problem 1038. Spell Checker

for WA#3 and WA#10tqti1038. Spell Checker9 Sep 2018 19:391  
please give the code to javapumpum11038. Spell Checker17 Nov 2017 14:190  
Hint for WA#3Cebotari Vladislav1038. Spell Checker27 Dec 2016 18:300  
WA#10 help? please!Insaf1038. Spell Checker29 Jul 2016 01:225  
ACAlexandr Vasilyev1038. Spell Checker6 Jul 2016 16:440  
admins, my programm outputs correct answers on all the possible test cases but here I get WA2arrammis1038. Spell Checker12 Jun 2015 15:570  
WA#5Armen Tsirunyan1038. Spell Checker12 Jun 2015 15:461  
note for TL#2hoan1038. Spell Checker30 Mar 2013 19:512  
what's then test3suweixuan1038. Spell Checker13 Aug 2012 13:381  
Help me, check my answers for some of tests PLEASE!!!New York Team1038. Spell Checker11 Aug 2012 12:520  
Problem 1038 "Spell checker" has been rejudgedVladimir Yakovlev (USU)1038. Spell Checker25 May 2012 22:214  
Please, give me a test 2Alexander Im1038. Spell Checker24 May 2012 11:070  
WHY WA #10 THIS IS MY CODEHACKER1038. Spell Checker14 Aug 2011 18:200  
WA #2 HELP ME!HACKER1038. Spell Checker13 Aug 2011 23:470  
To All Those Who are getting WA #3Varun Sharma1038. Spell Checker22 Jul 2011 15:272  
WA #2 Maybe this will help[MAI] Zhuravlyow Andrei1038. Spell Checker14 Jan 2011 16:410  
If you have WA1-XraY-1038. Spell Checker8 Dec 2010 21:250  
WA10Sergey1038. Spell Checker17 Oct 2010 03:051  
FINALLY ACCEPTED ! BECAUSE OF UNCLEAR PROBLEM STATEMENTPhan Hoài Nam - Đại học Ngoại ngữ Tin Học TP.HCM1038. Spell Checker14 Jul 2010 14:520  
Test for your WA#4Mihran Hovsepyan {1 kurs of <RAU>}1038. Spell Checker11 May 2010 22:033  

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