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Discussion of Problem 1043. Cover an Arc

wa 40👑TIMOFEY👑1043. Cover an Arc5 Jan 2023 09:240  
Too strange!zwqzwq1043. Cover an Arc12 Sep 2021 00:182  
Some TestTestT1043. Cover an Arc3 May 2020 07:175  
I got WA on test 9, please give me some sample data, I'm desperateDan Stefan1043. Cover an Arc11 Feb 2018 04:016  
This is a very simple problem. This is a simple school geometry.uu_Innk1043. Cover an Arc23 Feb 2012 21:120  
WA 36... Please give any hint how to improve solutionFrontone1043. Cover an Arc11 Jul 2011 17:320  
I got WA on test3.Who can give me some test datas?Failed Peter1043. Cover an Arc16 Apr 2011 20:163  
float,or double?Seter1043. Cover an Arc10 Oct 2010 09:090  
Some hintPasha1043. Cover an Arc29 Mar 2010 07:193  
fmin() will be the last thing you want to usetiancaihb1043. Cover an Arc27 Nov 2009 19:010  
Problem 1043 "Cover an Arc" has been rejudged (+)Sandro (USU)1043. Cover an Arc11 Dec 2008 00:581  
C/C++ Compiler. Strange things.Teacher301043. Cover an Arc7 Oct 2008 23:290  
Why I got WA?Please help me!yellowgreen(*Jane*)^_^1043. Cover an Arc16 Aug 2007 20:493  
I got WA on test 17. Pls give me this test. mhung1043. Cover an Arc16 Oct 2006 22:200  
conversion float to intanus (USU)1043. Cover an Arc23 Jul 2006 12:462  
Are sides of rectangle parallel to axes?Sid1043. Cover an Arc21 Jul 2005 17:293  
Can you explain sample test?md1043. Cover an Arc12 Apr 2005 03:321  
(WA) What's wrong with my program?Grebnov Ilya[ISPU]1043. Cover an Arc1 Apr 2003 22:431  
Sorry... What's Arc in russian?(-)Igor1043. Cover an Arc16 Mar 2002 14:511  
The extended type is correct, is not it?Please give some test and answers for themVladimir Milenov Vasilev1043. Cover an Arc24 Jan 2002 19:461  

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