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Discussion of Problem 1053. Pinocchio

AC in 5 rowsandreyDagger1053. Pinocchio8 Nov 2021 21:000  
Can anyone translate the statement?PrankMaN1053. Pinocchio25 Aug 2019 00:221  
Actually it just describes Euclid algorithm in a tedious way.some_programming_novice1053. Pinocchio11 Nov 2018 10:210  
To adminsSigmaPhiZeta1053. Pinocchio10 Nov 2015 21:181  
Be careful to the range of N and L(i),it maybe have IMPOSSIBLE! xiefen1053. Pinocchio27 Aug 2011 13:062  
No matter how to choose blanksFokysnik1053. Pinocchio4 Oct 2010 16:501  
test 5ghostfreak1053. Pinocchio9 May 2010 19:593  
why time limit???ghostfreak1053. Pinocchio26 Apr 2010 20:480  
what's wrong with that code :(Bartosz1053. Pinocchio8 Jan 2010 15:191  
what's wrong with that code :(Bartosz1053. Pinocchio7 Jan 2010 23:470  
How is it possible that the answer is IMPOSSIBLE?Krzysztof "Doodge" Drozdz1053. Pinocchio21 Sep 2009 01:062  
JUDGES! The 1st word: "farther" instead "father"!BlackShark1053. Pinocchio6 Apr 2009 11:091  
whi i got CEI am david. Tabo.1053. Pinocchio15 Feb 2009 18:073  
why compilation error? if both gcc and intel c/c++ can compilejunmin1053. Pinocchio3 Oct 2008 12:121  
Has anyone solved this? (Please HELP). Explain me the problem, pleaseSimeon Kostenski1053. Pinocchio8 Jul 2007 20:414  
I don't understand this "If lengths of the blanks are different, then..."Dilyan1053. Pinocchio8 Jul 2007 01:101  
What's a blank?xerxe1053. Pinocchio15 Jan 2007 19:511  
SOS!Amy1053. Pinocchio21 Oct 2006 01:271  
what they programme only use 60k memory with c++ ?Aply1053. Pinocchio1 Feb 2006 16:221  
Wrong ExampleTabledott1053. Pinocchio27 Dec 2005 14:321  

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