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Discussion of Problem 1062. Triathlon

WA 2Otrebus1062. Triathlon7 Aug 2021 23:030  
Online tool for 3D plottingSirko1062. Triathlon29 Jun 2017 20:090  
Convex hull implementationOrient1062. Triathlon29 Jun 2014 02:150  
One of the ways to solveVC15 (Orel STU)1062. Triathlon15 Jun 2014 16:0416  
Counter example for 3D convex hull algorithm[MF] Radomir Djokovic1062. Triathlon4 Sep 2013 04:342  
WA #8Ezrah1062. Triathlon24 Aug 2011 16:362  
WA #12Budau Adrian1062. Triathlon15 Apr 2011 01:150  
To admins: please could you add such test caseSlusarenko Alexey1062. Triathlon12 Sep 2010 21:474  
What is the answer for this Test ? can anyone give me a help?Nguyễn Cảnh Toàn1062. Triathlon23 Jan 2010 12:580  
I know why I was wrong.ACcreator1062. Triathlon12 Aug 2009 15:221  
Please give test 8Evolution1062. Triathlon4 Dec 2008 21:500  
Please say why i have WA#8Evolution1062. Triathlon2 Dec 2008 22:320  
WA on test #24. I hope it's not because of precision. Could anyone give me the test? Either here or by mail, thxMaigo Akisame (maigoakisame@yahoo.com.cn)1062. Triathlon17 Nov 2008 05:344  
Use algebra, neither simplex method nor 3d convex hullhedrok1062. Triathlon21 Aug 2008 04:333  
I THINK THE EXAMPLE IS WRONG !!! plz take a lookManastireanu1062. Triathlon24 Nov 2007 18:002  
No subjectMeni Packeou1062. Triathlon24 Aug 2007 17:080  
Anybody could tell me what the tricks are in this problem?Li Ang1062. Triathlon24 Aug 2007 16:571  
WA#8Grosu Andrei1062. Triathlon8 Aug 2007 21:360  
Can you tell my the answer for this test and why?Alexandru Tandrau1062. Triathlon13 Dec 2006 17:110  
Where is my mistake? WA #14DWED1062. Triathlon16 Dec 2005 14:240  

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