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Discussion of Problem 1132. Square Root

We can use O(n*prime(n)) to AC this problem.It's the most easy algorithms.Зане1132. Square Root17 Nov 2019 23:081  
Note: a can be greater than nOtrebus1132. Square Root17 Jul 2016 23:410  
WA#2LNCP1132. Square Root8 Feb 2015 09:541  
To ADMIN: problem statement is impreciseucs61132. Square Root10 Mar 2014 17:592  
it is very nice ProblemAdham (TUIT)1132. Square Root12 Jan 2014 14:210  
if got ac it would be a great solution(must be<0.2sec)but i am frustrated with wa 2.muhammad1132. Square Root3 Dec 2012 19:164  
WA2Adela Neacsu1132. Square Root22 Mar 2012 00:541  
No subjectONU_17851132. Square Root21 Jan 2012 05:460  
A little help from authorMichael Medvedev (KNU training center)1132. Square Root27 Oct 2011 06:0518  
To those who want to solve the problem without using too much math knowledgegojiajunchao1132. Square Root25 Oct 2011 02:252  
If you use Shanks–Tonelli algosklyack1132. Square Root15 Apr 2011 22:120  
TLE 2 [Tips]Stefan Marinov1132. Square Root29 Apr 2009 05:450  
Can't even understandVarun Sharma1132. Square Root21 Apr 2009 00:451  
Same code - different results!Ostap Korkuna (Lviv NU)1132. Square Root22 Feb 2009 21:380  
Weak Tests!!данные1132. Square Root11 Jan 2009 12:363  
what's the mathematical method?Li, Yi1132. Square Root8 Dec 2008 10:446  
Problem 1132 "Square Root" has been rejudged (+)Sandro (USU)1132. Square Root19 Oct 2008 11:412  
Good problemLevenets (ONPU)1132. Square Root13 Oct 2008 17:482  
2 ADMINS: WEAK TESTS!!!Vedernikoff Sergey1132. Square Root5 Jun 2008 14:201  
Please HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BAron1132. Square Root20 Nov 2007 01:212  

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