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Discussion of Problem 1154. Mages Contest

Why the answer in the first example is 02:00:00 25.00?Felix_Mate1154. Mages Contest2 Jul 2017 17:510  
To admins!ilya trofimov1154. Mages Contest8 Oct 2013 00:591  
if get wa on test 2skyjiange1154. Mages Contest8 Nov 2011 14:320  
IF you get WA 10 !!!Akcium1154. Mages Contest20 Jan 2011 19:512  
WA8r1d11154. Mages Contest3 Jan 2011 19:201  
Which answer for this test?VasilySlesarev1154. Mages Contest25 Sep 2010 19:563  
What is with the damn 10 test?Gheorghe Stefan1154. Mages Contest3 Feb 2010 01:264  
Be careful!2rf [Perm School #9]1154. Mages Contest8 Aug 2009 19:581  
can anyone here tell me,what's the sample means?zrp1154. Mages Contest21 Dec 2008 07:340  
I got WA#2!!! Why?Dembel {AESC USU}1154. Mages Contest13 Dec 2006 01:062  
What is the answer for this test?Samsonov Alex1154. Mages Contest29 Jul 2005 13:183  
Something may help you (+)Yu Yuanming1154. Mages Contest6 Jun 2005 16:450  
How does the sample output be that?Why?kkkkk1154. Mages Contest9 Aug 2004 21:160  
I think only 8 time can be considered. but i get WA test 10 i don't know whytest1154. Mages Contest19 Jul 2004 10:242  
I got WA on test2,who can give me any test datas?Failed Peter1154. Mages Contest20 Apr 2004 20:180  
What is wrong with my code?Koala1154. Mages Contest30 Apr 2003 18:141  
What does the last two lines in input mean? What does qaztz1154. Mages Contest23 Feb 2002 13:220  
Why I get WA? Pelase, help me!!!!!!!Nazarov Denis (nsc2001@rambler.ru)1154. Mages Contest8 Jan 2002 19:491  
Someone said that in this problem there are only 10 time can be considered:New OIer1154. Mages Contest20 Dec 2001 17:352  

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