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Discussion of Problem 1181. Cutting a Painted Polygon

Useful testhadooken1181. Cutting a Painted Polygon18 Dec 2019 11:060  
Why always WA4?Combatcook1181. Cutting a Painted Polygon25 Apr 2016 19:010  
I have O(n)lallala1181. Cutting a Painted Polygon12 Feb 2016 16:270  
WA test #5Blum1181. Cutting a Painted Polygon6 Jan 2016 11:553  
IdeaFelix_Mate1181. Cutting a Painted Polygon2 Nov 2015 17:441  
Why wa6?uuu1181. Cutting a Painted Polygon22 Aug 2010 10:540  
HintMukhametianov Den [USU]1181. Cutting a Painted Polygon14 Jul 2010 02:120  
DP for O(n^3)[Ural SU] GetTester1181. Cutting a Painted Polygon17 Mar 2010 21:322  
O(n^3) gets TLE. Can anyone give me a better hint?asif1181. Cutting a Painted Polygon17 Mar 2010 20:042  
Why do I always WAs at test #10Shellux1181. Cutting a Painted Polygon27 Apr 2009 17:090  
Wrong limitationsFyodor Menshikov1181. Cutting a Painted Polygon25 Dec 2008 21:213  
Help me please!!!! I very need!Jack1181. Cutting a Painted Polygon6 Jul 2007 16:180  
Problem 1181 "Cutting a painted polygon" is under investigation (+)Sandro (USU)1181. Cutting a Painted Polygon18 Jan 2007 20:361  
One questionSamsonov Alex [SESC USU]1181. Cutting a Painted Polygon5 Oct 2006 19:062  
I have some questions......hello1181. Cutting a Painted Polygon23 Jun 2005 01:442  
if there are sevaral ways,must i descript all of them?or an arbitrary one?wangzhipeng1181. Cutting a Painted Polygon31 Jan 2005 15:561  
For those who need a hint... 8-)Alex[LSD]1181. Cutting a Painted Polygon6 Jun 2003 12:110  

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