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Discussion of Problem 1184. Cable Master

If WA8, here's hint wangbicheng11184. Cable Master21 Mar 2022 23:571  
WA9George_Aloyan[PTS Obninsk]1184. Cable Master21 Feb 2022 16:471  
If you are getting WA12andreyDagger1184. Cable Master24 Sep 2021 16:070  
No subjectArlen1184. Cable Master2 Apr 2021 18:100  
Possible mistakelallala1184. Cable Master20 Sep 2018 08:491  
Let binary_search help you!Tigran92[RAU_902]1184. Cable Master5 Dec 2010 19:230  
can we do this task with binary search?????Bobur1184. Cable Master25 Nov 2010 16:182  
Hint for you, if you have got WA#4Samvel (RAU)1184. Cable Master27 Jul 2008 15:020  
help, TLE#6, here is my code!Bobur1184. Cable Master11 Apr 2008 23:370  
Wrong test or checker,Admins please checkdgorlov1184. Cable Master10 Dec 2007 14:591  
Who can tell me what's wrong with it?Aleksei Zobnin1184. Cable Master18 Sep 2007 21:083  
What if use integers instead of float?SPIRiT1184. Cable Master23 Aug 2006 16:052  
please see it? It got WA.zealot1184. Cable Master16 Jul 2004 19:056  
Cable Master : I can't find my bug. Here is my codeBadd1184. Cable Master21 Dec 2002 18:010  
Cable Master: I can't find my error, i think my program is Ok(+) Anyone help me :) Miguel Angel1184. Cable Master30 May 2002 16:414  
Why I have ACCESS_VIOLATION (C++) ?sikee81184. Cable Master10 Apr 2002 21:220  
Could anyone help me?(+)shitty.Mishka1184. Cable Master30 Mar 2002 15:281  
Please help me. I get WA.raxtinhac1184. Cable Master6 Mar 2002 07:102  

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