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Discussion of Problem 1192. Ball in a Dream

what's wrong in my solution with formula? (WA 2)versham1192. Ball in a Dream8 May 2018 00:510  
I think it is not geometry problem ->>>>>PHYSICS problemIlushaMax1192. Ball in a Dream3 Apr 2017 23:190  
a ac programmeruwelcome1192. Ball in a Dream26 Nov 2016 21:304  
Tips for WA5Pegasus1192. Ball in a Dream26 Nov 2016 21:283  
A TIPesbybb1192. Ball in a Dream20 Jun 2015 18:360  
A few description problemsKuros1192. Ball in a Dream6 Feb 2014 20:200  
About tag of the problemsylap1192. Ball in a Dream29 Nov 2012 17:200  
Crash(division by zero). Where is it?Spiteful Berkut1192. Ball in a Dream9 Nov 2012 18:570  
How this problem can be accepted in 0.001?giorgi1192. Ball in a Dream22 Oct 2012 03:492  
AC JavaMuzaFFaR [PROGEDIT]1192. Ball in a Dream4 Nov 2009 11:220  
WA5 plz help...VakH1192. Ball in a Dream19 Aug 2009 00:281  
Where is mistake?Peter Obuhov1192. Ball in a Dream10 Aug 2009 02:126  
This is So Sick !Varun Sharma1192. Ball in a Dream26 Apr 2009 10:100  
It seems like that the author don't know the difference between speed and engery.zhougelin1192. Ball in a Dream5 Dec 2008 16:274  
where is the mistake?help!Amy1192. Ball in a Dream25 Oct 2008 02:073  
Answer for all you questions.Alexander Kouprin1192. Ball in a Dream10 Apr 2007 17:150  
No subjectCHIDEMYAN SERGEY1192. Ball in a Dream8 Mar 2007 23:271  
where is the mistake?help!Amy1192. Ball in a Dream28 Mar 2006 08:271  
helphelp1192. Ball in a Dream13 Feb 2006 17:060  
what's wrong with my program?Sum 11192. Ball in a Dream8 Feb 2003 15:051  

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