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Discussion of Problem 1204. Idempotents

WA 2Desargues1204. Idempotents16 Mar 2018 14:361  
I think it an excellent math problem.Koala1204. Idempotents16 Feb 2014 03:046  
AC 0.062TakeOver [MSU]1204. Idempotents8 Dec 2013 03:190  
SolutionHakobyan Tigran (RAU)1204. Idempotents4 Jun 2013 17:291  
Accepted 0.265 execution timemagzhan1204. Idempotents20 Aug 2011 21:371  
AC time=0.89buggzy (Ilya Teterin - USU)1204. Idempotents27 Sep 2010 07:511  
Hint: use Java (+)ASK1204. Idempotents3 Mar 2010 16:290  
problem understandingHanzbrow (TNU) KCC1204. Idempotents4 Aug 2009 13:121  
my algorithm is K*32000 but TL in test 6. please help mel@mho1204. Idempotents21 Jun 2008 18:551  
please give me some test casel@mho1204. Idempotents16 Nov 2006 07:532  
What test#2 is about? I'm getting TL.Akerman1204. Idempotents20 Oct 2006 10:450  
Crash (INT_OVERFLOW)PSV1204. Idempotents11 Jul 2006 03:481  
I am getting output limit exceeded. Can you help me? here is my programGiorgi Dalakishvili (Tbilisi SU)1204. Idempotents15 Dec 2005 19:420  
AC in 0.546, 0(sqrt(n)/2)Krayev Alexey(PSU#2)1204. Idempotents12 Apr 2005 23:070  
Very difficult TESTNOT1204. Idempotents12 Apr 2005 17:061  
I think I understand problem wrong, please helpVasya1204. Idempotents11 Apr 2005 00:205  
use extended euclidian algorithmDiac Paul1204. Idempotents29 Sep 2004 02:480  
I think this is a good maths problem.(hint inside)Yu YuanMing1204. Idempotents27 Jun 2004 21:080  
And my AC time = 0.968! Can anybody explain to me normal idea of solving this problem? Ярославцев Григорий1204. Idempotents20 May 2004 19:278  
gymn28_Kostya1204. Idempotents4 Apr 2003 18:380  

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