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Discussion of Problem 1207. Median on the Plane

Why WA on test case 7? please help farid1207. Median on the Plane17 May 2022 23:271  
TEST 4 ???Ruslan1207. Median on the Plane9 Mar 2022 23:030  
WA #6Furkat Ahrolov1207. Median on the Plane22 Dec 2021 04:280  
WA#2JavXn11207. Median on the Plane6 May 2021 00:410  
How do you think, why it`s not work? UPD: CLOSED!!!AleshinAndrei1207. Median on the Plane12 Aug 2020 22:590  
I don't understand the problemDmitry Rudenko1207. Median on the Plane21 Jul 2020 14:241  
Please help, why WA on test #6?Natasha1207. Median on the Plane15 Apr 2016 16:120  
WA#3Kamaldinov Dmitry1207. Median on the Plane20 Mar 2015 21:520  
Why wrong answer?Grigorenko Vlad1207. Median on the Plane16 Jun 2013 17:170  
To admins: weak tests?sklyack1207. Median on the Plane14 Mar 2013 02:230  
Fast solutionONU_Latysh1207. Median on the Plane4 Dec 2012 17:591  
Does this test correct?Andrew Sboev1207. Median on the Plane28 May 2012 21:580  
WA 5 solution for C++ONU_Latysh1207. Median on the Plane13 Feb 2012 21:520  
looking for help...... WA#2williamljb1207. Median on the Plane14 Jan 2012 13:073  
why WA text 3???help meskyming1207. Median on the Plane30 Oct 2011 08:060  
In test #13 more than two point belong to same linemaxx1207. Median on the Plane22 Sep 2011 17:541  
What is in test 9Uran1207. Median on the Plane13 Sep 2011 17:103  
For Pascal, qsort works fine .Nguyen Khac Tung1207. Median on the Plane30 Mar 2011 19:340  
My program works right, please check it, or give me some tests pleaseRedjee1207. Median on the Plane9 May 2010 19:460  
BSpatryksharks3211207. Median on the Plane7 May 2010 00:351  

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