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Discussion of Problem 1229. Strong Brickwork

Another easy approachandreyDagger1229. Strong Brickwork24 Nov 2021 10:530  
Why WA1?Peshkov [57 lyceum tlt]1229. Strong Brickwork24 Nov 2021 10:501  
[Hint] Very easy problemhadooken1229. Strong Brickwork10 Dec 2019 14:130  
AC with maximum bipartie, guys!SmnTin1229. Strong Brickwork25 Sep 2019 14:150  
What's wrong with my algo?Akaishuichi1229. Strong Brickwork23 Oct 2017 22:082  
WA5Programmer1229. Strong Brickwork24 Sep 2015 11:250  
When soultion does not exist?Georgiy Savchenko1229. Strong Brickwork17 Mar 2014 15:022  
WA5pmartynov1229. Strong Brickwork2 Feb 2013 21:321  
Need help???Lebedev_Nicolay[Ivanovo SPU]1229. Strong Brickwork9 May 2009 23:010  
More interesting (+)Alexander Kouprin1229. Strong Brickwork16 Aug 2008 03:203  
I've got test #3. Maybe it will help somebody.TECTOBOP1229. Strong Brickwork25 Jul 2008 19:021  
help@ntiFreeze1229. Strong Brickwork25 Jul 2008 18:112  
test 4 is wrong, or wrong checkerstdio1229. Strong Brickwork27 May 2008 11:494  
Help me!Alex Stoff1229. Strong Brickwork22 Feb 2006 16:390  
HintBFL1229. Strong Brickwork9 Dec 2005 22:120  
Can sample output be...Danica Porobic1229. Strong Brickwork6 Sep 2004 01:544  
why i get WA?? who can help me??Zhang Ruiwen1229. Strong Brickwork20 Nov 2002 15:210  
Help!!!!!!!!!Please send some hit to me if you have got AC in this problem.Thanks!Tony1229. Strong Brickwork18 Nov 2002 14:443  

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