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Discussion of Problem 1230. Introspective Program

Please help me. Why WE?dood1230. Introspective Program3 Jun 2015 00:290  
Help! SolutionArtem Berezovsky1230. Introspective Program26 Dec 2014 10:221  
What's the problem mean?laughinghao1230. Introspective Program14 Aug 2013 13:121  
Online Javascript PIBAS Interpreter hereDR. Zhihua Lai1230. Introspective Program27 Jan 2013 22:480  
Yeah!!! I wrote it! Now, I'm proud of myselfKhlyzov Andrew1230. Introspective Program23 Jan 2013 23:122  
An algorythm?(+)Илья Гофман (Ilya Gofman)1230. Introspective Program5 Nov 2011 03:435  
Let's make is shorter!.Net, Java - any pcode sucks1230. Introspective Program5 Nov 2011 03:293  
somebody can help?ACM.Tolstobrov_Anatoliy[Ivanovo SPU]1230. Introspective Program5 May 2011 20:262  
plz help!!!!!!!!!!!!Igor Mihajlovic1230. Introspective Program5 May 2011 20:241  
For anybody who wayzlhm1230. Introspective Program24 Sep 2009 19:320  
NO problen can be more interesting than ityzlhm1230. Introspective Program24 Sep 2009 19:280  
Please help me!!!WinAsAlways1230. Introspective Program26 Aug 2008 12:041  
Why this program is not correctIlia Patskalyov1230. Introspective Program3 Aug 2007 17:432  
Anyone want interpreter?Veselin Georgiev1230. Introspective Program26 Feb 2005 21:270  
How can this get WA?Maigo Akisame (maigoakisame@yahoo.com.cn)1230. Introspective Program18 Aug 2004 19:352  
Is to write an introspective program possible without $ function?UNKNOWN_LAMER1230. Introspective Program5 Aug 2004 12:151  
What wrong?XiangGuangTe1230. Introspective Program24 Jun 2004 17:016  
How to print a " in PIBAS, use """ or '"'Ted1230. Introspective Program10 May 2004 20:170  
Oh I made very silly mistakes for this question!abc1230. Introspective Program19 Sep 2003 09:130  
Why I got WA????????????kingfisher1230. Introspective Program20 Mar 2003 19:431  

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