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Discussion of Problem 1247. Check a Sequence

Mathematical hintmouse_wireless21247. Check a Sequence30 Apr 2018 20:020  
O(n) SolutionAditya Singh1247. Check a Sequence11 Dec 2017 08:130  
Надоело писать на чужом языке. Решение на русском. Mahilewets1247. Check a Sequence18 Jul 2017 22:280  
Time limit exceededLincoln1247. Check a Sequence14 Jan 2015 23:002  
good test for WA#4hoan1247. Check a Sequence5 Dec 2014 22:331  
nice task. There's a hint for those who want it.jk_qq1247. Check a Sequence23 Mar 2014 08:260  
TO ADMINS! Please add this test.Plamen_N1247. Check a Sequence29 Aug 2013 19:521  
wa?!?!?!?Roman19941247. Check a Sequence15 Nov 2009 18:422  
Hot to use fact, that sum=S+N?Oracle[Lviv NU]1247. Check a Sequence23 Mar 2009 18:121  
give me a wrong test pleaseLatina_Matrix1247. Check a Sequence19 Nov 2008 09:530  
Bad tests_ksardas1247. Check a Sequence17 Nov 2008 18:171  
Why my program got WA?Aleksey S.S.1247. Check a Sequence13 Aug 2008 14:196  
Hint 4 all.... you don`t need any array! just O(1*N)...Locomotive1247. Check a Sequence2 Aug 2008 19:327  
Incorrect testspperm1247. Check a Sequence4 Mar 2008 00:412  
Why AC? :)alext [Vologda STU]1247. Check a Sequence8 Feb 2008 02:430  
Why access violation?Leonid Chistov1247. Check a Sequence23 Jul 2004 04:201  
What does it mean??AmBush1247. Check a Sequence24 Jul 2003 01:592  
My program is wrong !!!??? But I think it is right?? Aleksey S.S.1247. Check a Sequence13 Apr 2003 23:481  

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