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Discussion of Problem 1253. Necrologues

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Tests for pascalalp1253. Necrologues20 Mar 2012 23:471  
What answer? On testLion1253. Necrologues20 Mar 2012 23:412  
If you have WA8.Lifanov1253. Necrologues22 Oct 2011 16:075  
What's answer for this test?2rf [Perm School #9]1253. Necrologues13 Aug 2009 16:332  
Help with OLE #9.Lebedev_Nicolay[Ivanovo SPU]1253. Necrologues6 Jul 2009 18:451  
Beware not to use atoi, indices are always 1-digit longDenis Koshman1253. Necrologues3 Aug 2008 18:221  
To admins: maybe bug in checker (-)DixonD (Lviv NU)1253. Necrologues3 Aug 2008 18:063  
bad testset: prog bith BUG got ACdgorlov1253. Necrologues24 Jul 2007 16:392  
Help me! I have WA#8!Dembel {AESC USU}1253. Necrologues22 Dec 2006 17:164  
I like to scream OLE watching football but not solving TimusAlexey1253. Necrologues21 Sep 2006 15:076  
Problems with test#2Alexey1253. Necrologues25 Jun 2006 01:172  
An interesting problem...Neumann1253. Necrologues12 Feb 2005 10:411  
A deficit was found in this problem!!!Pasha1253. Necrologues14 Jul 2004 04:562  
What should I do? I have got TLE.Koala1253. Necrologues4 Sep 2003 17:481  
Can anybody help me to solve this problem? Please help me...David Tabidze1253. Necrologues23 Jul 2003 02:433  
Help !!! Why WA now ???????????????Romanchik Vitaly1253. Necrologues5 Jul 2003 18:432  
Help me please !!! Why WA ??????Romanchik Vitaly1253. Necrologues16 Apr 2003 17:538  
How to check wheter the necrologue's length is less than 1,000,000 without recursion or just not to get MLE ???uuuuuuu1253. Necrologues5 Apr 2003 20:378  
Why WA???something1253. Necrologues18 Mar 2003 23:271  
MLE?Evil Cheater1253. Necrologues17 Mar 2003 22:323  

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