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Discussion of Problem 1294. Mars Satellites

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WA2: "Impossible." with a dotKostyaRychkov1294. Mars Satellites3 Jul 2020 03:161  
If you have WA 3Toshpulatov (MSU Tashkent)1294. Mars Satellites9 Feb 2020 20:111  
Did anyone derive the solution?Aditya Paliwal1294. Mars Satellites14 Oct 2017 15:291  
To admins: please, add tests!Dmitri Belous1294. Mars Satellites19 Sep 2017 13:563  
Hi to everyone. Why its WA3Bartenal1294. Mars Satellites29 Apr 2016 15:291  
Test #6Pisnyachevsky Nikolai1294. Mars Satellites6 Feb 2016 11:103  
WA 10Felix_Mate1294. Mars Satellites25 Dec 2015 15:341  
Why WA 10?Felix_Mate1294. Mars Satellites1 Dec 2015 22:461  
Some comentsLeniwwwiy1294. Mars Satellites28 Jun 2014 23:072  
THe same code ,G++ 4.7.2 C++11->WA G++ 4.7.2->AC why?binwin201294. Mars Satellites31 Mar 2013 09:121  
whats in 3 test?? what s wrong?ivan1294. Mars Satellites13 Nov 2012 03:222  
Why should I got WA2? It seems very easy to solve.z1294. Mars Satellites7 Apr 2012 23:455  
Please, help me. WA3 ((tm15xSat1294. Mars Satellites26 Feb 2012 18:361  
WA2 --------------> "Impossible." not "Impossible"zxy_snow1294. Mars Satellites14 Sep 2011 08:391  
Hints to solvers!Alone1294. Mars Satellites29 Jul 2011 10:361  
Note to the solution of the test number 3Alflex1294. Mars Satellites25 Feb 2011 21:491  
To all C++ coders having problems with T#3 or so...Intelligent_Design1294. Mars Satellites6 Mar 2010 17:333  
To JUDGES!BlackShark1294. Mars Satellites9 Jan 2009 21:252  
wa3 (((Egor Stepanov [mikroz]1294. Mars Satellites13 Nov 2008 19:201  
Easy Problem but needs AttentionSeyyed Mehran Kholdi1294. Mars Satellites6 Jun 2008 19:221  

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