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Discussion of Problem 1295. Crazy Notions

HintKirill~1295. Crazy Notions21 Mar 2022 17:480  
No subjectD4nick1295. Crazy Notions17 Oct 2020 04:130  
Think about these results...Observe carefully and u will find solution easily...:) I hope this will help uইলহাম আল মুসাব্বির1295. Crazy Notions16 Oct 2020 03:051  
What is wrong???Yusufjon1295. Crazy Notions19 May 2018 20:002  
Could anyone EXPLAIN his/her solution of this problem? (i know how it can be solved)Alex[LSD]1295. Crazy Notions13 Aug 2015 16:187  
solution hints, just simple math on moduloMd. Shahedul Islam (Shahed)1295. Crazy Notions13 Aug 2015 15:150  
weak testsSalimov Albert1295. Crazy Notions31 Jan 2015 22:443  
It AC! Funny solutionDmitry_GOLD1295. Crazy Notions6 Dec 2013 23:282  
My Accepted CodePaata Julakidze1295. Crazy Notions9 Jul 2013 16:040  
Ok funnyTUITUF_Bahrom1295. Crazy Notions7 May 2013 19:450  
Помогите плиз тест 4!AndreyKopchuk1295. Crazy Notions4 Jun 2012 20:071  
i think the judge has some serious problemEdric Mao1295. Crazy Notions8 Nov 2011 20:310  
Bruteforce on C#Leonid (SLenik) Andrievskiy1295. Crazy Notions28 Sep 2011 03:121  
Help me!Arsenal911 (Samara)1295. Crazy Notions18 Jul 2011 21:120  
Bad tests.yujj1295. Crazy Notions30 Jun 2011 19:401  
Compilation Error C++Argos1295. Crazy Notions1 Apr 2011 14:310  
WA#14Enigma1295. Crazy Notions24 Nov 2010 19:041  
test #19 herehoan1295. Crazy Notions24 Nov 2010 19:010  
Finally Accept!!!!!!Enigma1295. Crazy Notions5 Nov 2010 11:490  
test 5abdkanan1295. Crazy Notions8 Sep 2010 21:291  

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