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Discussion of Problem 1311. Stable Construction

TLE 18 test, python 3Timur Valeev1311. Stable Construction27 Feb 2020 21:180  
Help! Please. I got WA on test #5. Can Anybody give me some tests data? Help me, PLEASEVictor Barinov (TNU)1311. Stable Construction27 Jul 2017 16:145  
Problem 1311 Stable Construction has been changedVladimir Yakovlev (USU)1311. Stable Construction30 Oct 2016 16:010  
StatementAlex Danilyuk [SESC USU Dandelion] KTC1311. Stable Construction10 Jun 2014 15:440  
Problem 1311 is renamed (+)Sandro (USU)1311. Stable Construction1 Apr 2012 13:550  
testdata is weak [York Hotel] maple1311. Stable Construction24 Apr 2011 19:510  
for each brick, is only its center of gravity considered or [+]vs1311. Stable Construction6 Aug 2008 02:301  
is this stable"?Diac Paul1311. Stable Construction6 Aug 2008 02:292  
Special thing to checkSamsonov Alex [USU]1311. Stable Construction6 Aug 2008 02:242  
can anyone help me with a solution?gigimarga1311. Stable Construction21 Aug 2007 17:051  
Test 3TestT1311. Stable Construction1 Apr 2005 14:240  
Who can tell me what's wrong with my code? Only 50 lines!!Sa Lang Hae1311. Stable Construction26 Oct 2004 16:571  
Need clarification.Oberon (Yura Znovyak)1311. Stable Construction1 Oct 2004 16:584  
Need help with testBlademaster1311. Stable Construction1 Oct 2004 16:571  
Please, help.VC151311. Stable Construction13 Sep 2004 00:196  
can anyone give some test data?let1311. Stable Construction22 Apr 2004 19:130  
Excuse me. Who can tell me the answer of this testdata?I'm ALIVE.1311. Stable Construction21 Apr 2004 14:592  

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