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Discussion of Problem 1326. Bottle Taps

Почему - то после того после АС на этой задаче хочется радостно кричать. Mahilewets1326. Bottle Taps24 Jul 2017 19:412  
I got AC, but my algorythm is standart( O(m*2^n) ). How solve faster? (i need in idea)Felix_Mate1326. Bottle Taps3 Feb 2017 21:082  
Unclear problem statement in russianSirko1326. Bottle Taps31 Jan 2017 15:210  
WA #7 Please can you give me some TEST!Tukenov1326. Bottle Taps26 Dec 2014 13:080  
How to use dynamic programming with bitmasking?Nikunj Banka1326. Bottle Taps26 Dec 2013 00:012  
AC......but too slow!Yu YuanMing1326. Bottle Taps8 Oct 2013 23:084  
What is the answer for this test?pmartynov1326. Bottle Taps8 Oct 2013 23:042  
advice to those who use set instead of heapLavrentiy Palovich1326. Bottle Taps6 Jul 2011 17:091  
Some testsLoky_Yuri [USTU Frogs]1326. Bottle Taps27 Jul 2009 21:100  
To Admins: Bad Tests (+)Victor Barinov (TNU)1326. Bottle Taps17 Nov 2008 13:035  
WA #4Faeton (Kyiv - Mohyla Academy)1326. Bottle Taps18 Feb 2008 21:520  
Who can give me some good test? I've got WA.Alexey1326. Bottle Taps6 Jun 2006 23:040  
Who can better?Tolstobrov_Anatoliy[Ivanovo SPU]1326. Bottle Taps21 Sep 2005 03:281  
I got AC!!!I am get tester...1326. Bottle Taps12 Sep 2005 18:390  
Jooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! I did IT!!!BELOCHUB1326. Bottle Taps10 Oct 2004 21:380  
keep getting wrong answerEmilian Miron1326. Bottle Taps21 Sep 2004 19:591  
No subjectSun Hong1326. Bottle Taps24 May 2004 10:100  
What's the problem mean???jimmystart1326. Bottle Taps23 Apr 2004 10:430  
could Petrov bye the same bottle taps twice?长郡丢B小分队(History,Jelly,Eye,Fish)1326. Bottle Taps16 Apr 2004 15:192  

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