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Discussion of Problem 1343. Fairy Tale

wa test 13MaxxxCoder1343. Fairy Tale15 Jun 2023 19:171  
WA on test9. please tell me what the test is.SRC1343. Fairy Tale8 Mar 2021 18:122  
WA7 and WA10💻Evgeny Nemtsev [UrFU]`1343. Fairy Tale3 Dec 2016 03:020  
why the output of the sample is not 64631000033?Bohe1343. Fairy Tale23 Oct 2015 16:561  
No subjectRostislav1343. Fairy Tale23 Oct 2015 11:383  
wa 10 why?DJPonnYash1343. Fairy Tale15 Oct 2015 18:010  
To adminsSpatarel Dan Constantin1343. Fairy Tale20 Apr 2014 13:131  
What`s test 1???grandvic1343. Fairy Tale6 Dec 2013 08:141  
If you have WA 7Smilodon_am [Obninsk INPE]1343. Fairy Tale2 Mar 2013 19:120  
Ужаснейшее условиеibra (TNU)1343. Fairy Tale19 Sep 2012 02:340  
I got TLE on test9.who can tell me how to solve it?Fat Peter1343. Fairy Tale13 Jun 2012 15:5717  
sayt ishtirokchilariga omadInomjon Egamov1343. Fairy Tale3 Jan 2012 10:551  
output limit exeeded in test 10Gio Pataraia [Tbilisi SU]1343. Fairy Tale14 Jun 2011 22:091  
plzzz can anybody give me the 7th test?Roshka1343. Fairy Tale5 Oct 2010 21:301  
Mistake in statementOpenGL1343. Fairy Tale3 Jul 2009 03:001  
Java BigInteger.nextProbablePrime() worksSkorKNURE1343. Fairy Tale29 Apr 2009 02:233  
??!?!??!!?? (-)Alexander Kouprin1343. Fairy Tale18 Oct 2008 18:141  
Can the first number be zero?KRSU 21343. Fairy Tale10 May 2008 22:252  
QuestionTodor Tsonkov1343. Fairy Tale22 Mar 2007 21:481  
(+)AdminsSafe Bird1343. Fairy Tale30 Mar 2006 21:4413  

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