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Discussion of Problem 1382. Game with Cards

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Statement is incomplete?mouse_wireless21382. Game with Cards23 May 2019 17:451  
Problem 1382 'Game with Cards' has been rejudgedVladimir Yakovlev (USU)1382. Game with Cards3 Feb 2016 09:021  
37 TestNotImplemented1382. Game with Cards3 May 2014 17:271  
some testsRoks1382. Game with Cards18 Apr 2014 23:549  
Weak testsСеровиков Андрей1382. Game with Cards27 Apr 2013 13:271  
Help! Why WA 11? grayluck1382. Game with Cards12 Nov 2011 19:373  
Help!How to slove this problem?tob1382. Game with Cards18 Mar 2010 11:263  
1382 tests are not fullsvr1382. Game with Cards21 Aug 2008 14:072  
I have AC with wrong alg [-]Chmel_Tolstiy1382. Game with Cards24 Jul 2008 19:571  

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