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Discussion of Problem 1450. Russian Pipelines

Page 2
Wrong Answer #5 Some test pleaseManflack1450. Russian Pipelines7 Jul 2017 00:100  
WA 9. Give me some tests, please!spuntik_ua1450. Russian Pipelines5 Feb 2016 14:050  
What is test case #3?Suchith J N1450. Russian Pipelines7 Jan 2015 08:540  
for those who have WA10Vladislav1450. Russian Pipelines30 Mar 2014 19:070  
Ford - BellmanIvan1450. Russian Pipelines25 Jun 2013 13:290  
Page 1
This problem is very easy!Andrew Sboev1450. Russian Pipelines8 May 2012 13:080  
TL # 10Enigma [UB of TUIT]1450. Russian Pipelines17 May 2012 23:111  
Hints for all who has TL and especially for C# and Java codersLeonid (SLenik) Andrievskiy1450. Russian Pipelines16 Sep 2011 05:420  
Wtf is wrong with Test #3 ?!?!?!??! Dijkstra not working here???Luka Bulatovic1450. Russian Pipelines29 Jan 2019 17:383  
Can the route go twice through the same vertics?patryksharks3211450. Russian Pipelines26 Jul 2009 21:172  
Looks like they did it again :) (+)Dmitry 'Diman_YES' Kovalioff. On the brink of retirement1450. Russian Pipelines8 Jan 2009 01:131  
who solve this task, what answer for this test???Crash_access_violation1450. Russian Pipelines3 Feb 2012 16:213  
If you have WA9 (+)Ikari [pskov] - Andrey Marchenko1450. Russian Pipelines23 May 2008 22:080  
WA#12Carbon1450. Russian Pipelines30 Jan 2008 01:150  
WA6Kirin Vladislav1450. Russian Pipelines8 Jul 2008 00:325  
WA#7khanh45a3kct1450. Russian Pipelines11 Jun 2013 18:531  
Processing inputmix (Voronezh State University)1450. Russian Pipelines6 Nov 2006 13:420  
WA 11. Give me some tests, please!Marshal1450. Russian Pipelines25 Jun 2013 13:313  
TLE 17THE_SCORPION1450. Russian Pipelines22 Jun 2009 02:274  
Isn't it just a wave?Tbilisi SU: Andrew Lutsenko1450. Russian Pipelines27 Sep 2006 21:363  
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