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Discussion of Problem 1469. No Smoking!

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Is the segment close or open?Ade [FDU]1469. No Smoking!21 Dec 2014 22:521  
How to cheat and get AC.Teacher30 (Burunduk1)1469. No Smoking!5 Apr 2013 17:191  
Clarificationibra (TNU)1469. No Smoking!25 Mar 2013 23:443  
yahoonikonoff (ONPU)1469. No Smoking!1 Dec 2008 16:391  
What's the "good" algo for this problemTodor Tsonkov1469. No Smoking!30 Aug 2008 04:4112  
Problem 1469 "No smoking!" has been rejudged (+)Vladimir Yakovlev (USU)1469. No Smoking!22 Aug 2007 20:461  
WA#1 :) test #1 is sample test, isn't?Alias (Alexander Prudaev)1469. No Smoking!19 Jul 2007 14:293  
I use Treap and have TL#15!EfremovAleksei1469. No Smoking!8 Nov 2006 13:512  
Help, I have WA 16IFIT1469. No Smoking!18 Oct 2006 16:162  
InterestingAlex_SyktSU1469. No Smoking!10 Oct 2006 02:332  
What the answers for this tests?Fetisov Kiselev USTU_RI - RTF1469. No Smoking!24 Sep 2006 15:092  

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