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Discussion of Problem 1506. Columns of Numbers

TEST 2 :Adhambek1506. Columns of Numbers8 May 2019 13:232  
What's wrong?mb1te1506. Columns of Numbers9 Mar 2018 19:580  
Test 10Neo Nomaly1506. Columns of Numbers19 May 2014 14:475  
Wrong answer test 1 in Java 1.7 please help meAxmadjon1506. Columns of Numbers6 May 2014 10:560  
Why WA #10 ? PascalDenuha1506. Columns of Numbers1 Mar 2014 16:560  
Pretty shit taskAndrew Sboev1506. Columns of Numbers9 Feb 2013 11:452  
My AC solutionHomka1506. Columns of Numbers4 Dec 2012 17:501  
WA 10Ilia1506. Columns of Numbers4 Dec 2012 17:491  
If you have wa 10 try this testHrayr[Goris N4 High School]1506. Columns of Numbers4 Dec 2012 17:411  
1334davlatov jaloliddin1506. Columns of Numbers9 Dec 2011 19:530  
WHY WA#3Looser1506. Columns of Numbers13 Oct 2011 01:061  
what is wrong with my codeesger1506. Columns of Numbers27 Oct 2010 16:342  
which one is truetogtoh1506. Columns of Numbers25 Aug 2010 09:555  
What is the answer for the following test, please helpahmedov(NUUz_2)1506. Columns of Numbers6 Nov 2009 23:140  
Please, help.Where is my mistake?ahmedov(NUUz_2)1506. Columns of Numbers6 Nov 2009 19:090  
MISTAKEIlya (Vologda SPU)1506. Columns of Numbers21 Oct 2009 01:522  
Mistake in statementFyodor Menshikov1506. Columns of Numbers24 Aug 2009 19:511  
How I print output?tester1506. Columns of Numbers11 Jun 2009 00:216  
help!!!!!zsyzhbc_china1506. Columns of Numbers22 May 2009 11:480  
Strange testTural Neymanov1506. Columns of Numbers11 Mar 2009 15:552  

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