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Discussion of Problem 1517. Freedom of Choice

WA#52Anwar1517. Freedom of Choice17 Sep 2018 23:580  
WA #9101001517. Freedom of Choice14 Apr 2018 07:030  
Clang C++14 Compiler Failed Mahilewets1517. Freedom of Choice10 Jul 2017 19:550  
_getchar_nolock can really boost your code Mahilewets1517. Freedom of Choice27 May 2017 09:561  
Just curious
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Ivan Ivanov1517. Freedom of Choice26 May 2017 21:2745  
Suffix AutomataTakanashi Rikka1517. Freedom of Choice4 Mar 2016 15:360  
What is Test #12?Binary_Mind [RAU]1517. Freedom of Choice16 Sep 2015 13:190  
WHAT'S TEST 7?invokerj1517. Freedom of Choice3 Dec 2013 12:000  
WHAT'S TEST 7?invokerj1517. Freedom of Choice3 Dec 2013 12:000  
Hashing ...vlyubin1517. Freedom of Choice23 Nov 2013 18:002  
Help pleased . My Suffix Array wa on test # 3 ???Eazy jobb1517. Freedom of Choice1 Aug 2013 13:092  
can this problem solved with dp.runtime_error1517. Freedom of Choice29 Jul 2013 15:070  
Problem 1517 "Freedom of Choice" was rejudged....†.†.†... Stigius ...†.†.†...1517. Freedom of Choice21 Jul 2012 18:515  
WA9severin1517. Freedom of Choice1 Jun 2012 20:530  
why N*(logN)^2 have TLE 19? N = min(N,M) Giorgi Pataraia [Tbilisi SU]1517. Freedom of Choice23 May 2012 15:300  
What i have to write in this case PLEASE HELPValentin Ro1517. Freedom of Choice12 Sep 2011 22:182  
WHAT WILL HAPPEN IF SPEECHES ARE TOTALLY DIFFERENT.PLEASE HELPAnupam Ghosh,Bengal Engg and Sc Uni,MtechIT,2006-09,India1517. Freedom of Choice10 Jul 2008 13:011  
why WA1? please suggest some tricky test casesAnupam Ghosh,Bengal Engg and Sc Uni,MtechIT,2006-09,India1517. Freedom of Choice8 Jul 2008 15:400  
Solving this problem with method of "PAZNAVANIA" (AC) Giorgi Beridze[IBSU_Tbilisi]1517. Freedom of Choice17 Feb 2008 00:192  
Suffix tree constructionGiorgi Saghinadze (Tbilisi SU)1517. Freedom of Choice16 Feb 2008 23:353  

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