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Discussion of Problem 1539. Intelligence Data

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Help, please! Damn fifth test!Blum1539. Intelligence Data25 Jul 2012 21:083  
Can somebody give me some tests?yuyan1539. Intelligence Data25 Apr 2009 18:262  
What are the answers for this tests?KIRILL(ArcSTU)1539. Intelligence Data19 Aug 2008 06:5315  
If you have WA13 or WA21Denis Koshman1539. Intelligence Data19 Aug 2008 06:121  
WA5 can sb give me some hints?format_jam1539. Intelligence Data19 Aug 2008 05:486  
What answer?DixonD (Lviv NU)1539. Intelligence Data26 Jul 2007 22:155  
The Task...AlMag1539. Intelligence Data19 Mar 2007 14:591  
C# CrashMykola [Lviv NU]1539. Intelligence Data4 Mar 2007 20:182  

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