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Discussion of Problem 1796. Amusement Park

test for WA6vegetable1796. Amusement Park19 Sep 2021 22:500  
WA20 Resolved. The task is so easy that I have overcomplicated it and failed to solve quickMahilewets1796. Amusement Park2 Aug 2017 18:260  
Please give me test 3. I am get WAAlex1796. Amusement Park30 Mar 2017 19:360  
Test #5DarkSun19971796. Amusement Park18 Aug 2016 03:270  
Key points of the algorithmDiG1796. Amusement Park24 Apr 2016 23:203  
wrong answer #7.Bahodir | IT of TUIT |1796. Amusement Park19 Feb 2015 02:510  
If WA #6DKarev1796. Amusement Park9 Jan 2015 19:551  
WA 3Olya1796. Amusement Park12 Dec 2014 18:220  
Can anybody clarify this to me?Tural Neymanov1796. Amusement Park28 Apr 2014 06:022  
If you have WA in test 13 - see heregrigorii1796. Amusement Park1 Oct 2013 18:300  
If you have WA4 - see this testLeonid (SLenik) Andrievskiy1796. Amusement Park25 Jun 2013 23:343  
problem in test 6panic1796. Amusement Park1 Jan 2013 22:024  
WA1 ???Hi4ko1796. Amusement Park2 Aug 2012 16:041  
WA 20 CapAwsome1796. Amusement Park24 Jun 2012 00:060  
Please explain to me the second example.3a[3.141592..]Jlu1796. Amusement Park12 Feb 2012 16:432  
tle on test 5 please help pascalamirani1796. Amusement Park18 Jan 2012 17:500  
Can someone please tell what is in test #16?bigtik1796. Amusement Park14 Nov 2011 19:160  
What is test #6 ???bigtik1796. Amusement Park14 Nov 2011 18:550  
WA8 Helpnednedned1796. Amusement Park17 Oct 2011 23:520  
problem in test 8Nguyen Dang Duy1796. Amusement Park17 Oct 2011 23:091  

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