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Discussion of Problem 1881. Long problem statement

test 30 100 eng text "GOV Chronicles" = 4vegetable1881. Long problem statement14 Sep 2021 22:100  
WA3dickbooster1881. Long problem statement24 Aug 2019 22:5610  
WA#4Kot1881. Long problem statement12 Feb 2019 21:511  
WA 12ramon93i71881. Long problem statement27 Sep 2017 22:274  
More testsDanil Dushistov1881. Long problem statement17 Mar 2017 20:018  
Help in understanding the problemNeeraj Kumar1881. Long problem statement14 Mar 2017 17:072  
Despair and Test Case #6 Aleksandr1881. Long problem statement25 Jan 2017 20:061  
WA # 10?muhiddin1881. Long problem statement11 Nov 2016 12:304  
WA3 in C++ Anyone could help me??zimozi1881. Long problem statement26 Jul 2015 07:240  
AlgoritmYangiboyev Bekmurod1881. Long problem statement20 Dec 2014 20:513  
WA3Vladislav1881. Long problem statement20 Jul 2014 09:161  
Why WA#3 in Java Axmadjon1881. Long problem statement6 Jun 2014 17:440  
Help pleaseNightwalker1881. Long problem statement29 May 2014 17:380  
AC Code...1881. Long problem statement18 Mar 2014 14:370  
Why i get Compilation Error (C++) ??Valera1881. Long problem statement9 Jan 2014 18:240  
WA#5gochapod1881. Long problem statement3 Aug 2013 15:410  
Weird SituationInacio Medeiros1881. Long problem statement6 Jun 2013 19:180  
Got ACSpBerkut1881. Long problem statement5 Apr 2013 01:513  
wrong answer 7Grigorenko Vlad1881. Long problem statement5 Apr 2013 01:424  
This is my code in c++ .Why got WR 3saba_tavdgiridze1881. Long problem statement6 Jan 2013 14:430  

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