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Discussion of Problem 1927. Herbs and Magic

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Hint for checking if two segments are parallelPrankMaN1927. Herbs and Magic24 May 2020 04:141  
WA#10Ade [FDU]1927. Herbs and Magic3 Feb 2016 19:202  
WA 8pmartynov1927. Herbs and Magic7 Apr 2015 17:011  
Hints for WA users.198808xc1927. Herbs and Magic14 Aug 2013 23:355  
if you have WA33Giorgi Giglemiani [Freeuni]1927. Herbs and Magic22 Feb 2013 08:371  
what answer?Vit Demidenko1927. Herbs and Magic14 Dec 2012 09:132  
Window lightSHIRINKIN1927. Herbs and Magic1 Nov 2012 18:232  
WA23IgorKoval(from Pskov)1927. Herbs and Magic31 Oct 2012 15:451  

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