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Discussion of Problem 2014. Zhenya moves from parents

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Is it possible to solve it problem in Python?kisvadim2014. Zhenya moves from parents6 Mar 2021 23:041  
Are there another solution?scidylanpno2014. Zhenya moves from parents7 May 2019 11:061  
any information about test 13 ?SerjMakarov2014. Zhenya moves from parents23 Mar 2018 06:461  
WA Test #7Angel Gonzalez2014. Zhenya moves from parents19 Oct 2017 01:225  
in case of WA 6Arseny Babushkin (aytel)'`2014. Zhenya moves from parents20 Oct 2016 20:411  
Can somebody tell me what's test 15?mxzf02132014. Zhenya moves from parents30 Aug 2016 18:002  
No subjectFelix_Mate2014. Zhenya moves from parents17 Dec 2015 15:451  
Tests?RainGrid2014. Zhenya moves from parents20 Aug 2015 09:353  
test #11Alexander Bondarenco2014. Zhenya moves from parents4 Mar 2015 21:471  
HELP FIRST TESTYerevan RAU 52014. Zhenya moves from parents18 Nov 2014 12:533  

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