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Discussion of Problem 1000. A+B Problem

Какие условия для ввода-вывода? Или почему выдает ошибку Wrong Result н такой простой задаче?Alexander1000. A+B Problem27 Jul 2017 23:033  
Sasuke failed? Mahilewets1000. A+B Problem15 Jul 2017 11:000  
JavaEntryPointWrapper.java:10: error: cannot access Oppa Kairat1000. A+B Problem16 Jun 2017 15:450  
how to correct this errorANIKET VISHAL1000. A+B Problem7 Jun 2017 14:372  
Java Runtime Error why?Invirtus1000. A+B Problem18 Apr 2017 22:013  
Решение C++ | Solution C++Viktor1000. A+B Problem5 Apr 2017 03:230  
Решение C | Solution CViktor1000. A+B Problem5 Apr 2017 03:220  
Решение C# | Solution C#Viktor1000. A+B Problem5 Apr 2017 03:220  
why this is not accepted?Md.Toufiqul Islam1000. A+B Problem31 Dec 2016 14:433  
Help me find out the error. (Wrong Answer)Ravi Kiran Kanneganti1000. A+B Problem29 Nov 2016 13:111  
please help me to find out error!alcidewww1000. A+B Problem21 Oct 2016 11:141  
Wrong answer 1Tanka1000. A+B Problem19 Sep 2016 21:563  
worng output!!! whyyy??nikita agrawal1000. A+B Problem11 Aug 2016 16:561  
time:0.001 with C#. How?!PI-2016_Sasko1000. A+B Problem30 Jul 2016 00:250  
!!!??? Java omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Mikhail1000. A+B Problem15 Jul 2016 19:312  
в чем проблема??? JavaNikita1000. A+B Problem7 Jul 2016 19:483  
A+B PythonSergey1000. A+B Problem19 Apr 2016 19:213  
Почему не получается? C#Юрий1000. A+B Problem25 Mar 2016 14:402  
Why wrong answer?Cinyak1000. A+B Problem2 Mar 2016 15:461  
problem 1000 (a+b) wardun1000. A+B Problem16 Feb 2016 14:435  

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