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Why is that wrong on the first testdukallis1001. Reverse Root20 Oct 2018 00:310  
For C++ Users0blivium1510. Order19 Oct 2018 16:290  
WA 5Mohit Kumar Basak1498. Stroke at Full Speed18 Oct 2018 21:300  
time limit on python 3 HELP PLEASE I GIVE MONEYivan2281131. Copying17 Oct 2018 22:340  
If you have problems whit programm in test number 6!!!polskyLIDER1787. Turn for MEGA17 Oct 2018 22:152  
примерChemezovSlava2001. Mathematicians and Berries17 Oct 2018 21:241  
HintPastafarianist1005. Stone Pile17 Oct 2018 20:094  
No subjectIslam1423. String Tale17 Oct 2018 09:570  
What's wrong? Guys, help!!Sergey Volodin1327. Fuses16 Oct 2018 20:461  
Test 8 pythonbhn1196. History Exam16 Oct 2018 20:344  
Is there a solution for n>22292?Felix_Mate2047. Maths16 Oct 2018 07:453  
some hintshliu201183. Brackets Sequence16 Oct 2018 03:542  
yet one more dp solution explanationimaginary friend1183. Brackets Sequence16 Oct 2018 03:500  
WA 3FBI2002. Test Task15 Oct 2018 20:1212  
Help meUnsocial_A1987. Nested Segments15 Oct 2018 17:141  
Why WA 5 help pleaseivan2281224. Spiral14 Oct 2018 23:000  
Why doesn't it work? Python 3.6Kirill1002. Phone Numbers13 Oct 2018 23:530  
looks ok but wrong answer,why?meherin2012. About Grisha N.13 Oct 2018 19:580  
Wrong Answer 8 (spoilers)Vladimir Li1960. Palindromes and Super Abilities13 Oct 2018 08:450  
Wrong Answer 8 (spoilers)Vladimir Li1960. Palindromes and Super Abilities13 Oct 2018 08:450  

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