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Explanation of the problem Statement & Hint neededAmil Khare1982. Electrification Plan22 Sep 2017 09:008  
WA 11Shili_Xu1773. Metro to Every Home22 Sep 2017 08:060  
Help! В чём проблема? Java qNkkkk1001. Reverse Root20 Sep 2017 21:571  
Hint : Dp on treesPradyumna Bang1039. Anniversary Party20 Sep 2017 15:241  
Can you explain this test?Khujamurod1022. Genealogical Tree19 Sep 2017 16:0010  
to adminsCombatcook2082. Poker19 Sep 2017 14:284  
To admins: please, add tests!Dmitri Belous1294. Mars Satellites19 Sep 2017 13:562  
Wrong answer help me pls PascalLevchuk2066. Simple Expression18 Sep 2017 22:071  
WA#18Bogolyubkiy1227. Rally Championship17 Sep 2017 19:321  
HintAmil Khare1777. Anindilyakwa17 Sep 2017 19:270  
For WA#9Dmitri Belous1116. Piecewise Constant Function17 Sep 2017 16:160  
Approach?Saurav Kumar2018. The Debut Album17 Sep 2017 14:333  
Better Understanding of statesAmil Khare2018. The Debut Album17 Sep 2017 14:260  
Wrong answer (C)alexanius1001. Reverse Root17 Sep 2017 04:333  
what is my problem on c++?nick nikuradze1567. SMS-spam17 Sep 2017 01:401  
if you have WAAlexander (201 - P TNU)1084. Goat in the Garden17 Sep 2017 00:465  
Accepted here WA on SPOMahilewets Nikita [BSUIR]1013. K-based Numbers. Version 316 Sep 2017 11:320  
Where I am wrong ??? Clarification with data inputManciu Ion1650. Billionaires15 Sep 2017 15:170  
Как зайти в личный кабинет?apelsinko14 Sep 2017 21:301  
PitfallsGary Ye1269. Obscene Words Filter14 Sep 2017 20:391  

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