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What algo?bsu.mmf.team1842. Local Roots24 Feb 2017 14:561  
WA 12Sirko1513. Lemon Tale23 Feb 2017 15:511  
WA16 pascal grdaria1893. A38023 Feb 2017 14:590  
eps:: 1e-5 is AC, 1e-9 WA...Shen Yang1853. Laser Technologies23 Feb 2017 12:050  
WA #12anisca221611. Decimation22 Feb 2017 23:510  
Вопрос о значении тестаВася22 Feb 2017 21:200  
Tests requestAl.Cash2076. Vasiana22 Feb 2017 17:222  
What 's on Test 2? Help me plzquangduytr1726. Visits22 Feb 2017 07:540  
help me\ PASCAL wrong answer test:2Олександр1001. Reverse Root21 Feb 2017 14:221  
TLE #21 Najmaddin Akhundov1510. Order20 Feb 2017 21:004  
WA #9Sunkyu Hwang1210. Kind Spirits20 Feb 2017 10:470  
few testsesbybb1122. Game19 Feb 2017 08:171  
WA #5Accepted1306. Sequence Median18 Feb 2017 20:263  
still TLE Mehedi Hasan1086. Cryptography18 Feb 2017 20:163  
Why this taks can not be solved with Trie? :@@Giorgi Pataraia [Tbilisi SU]1414. Astronomical Database18 Feb 2017 08:183  
TLE with bfssukhad1119. Metro18 Feb 2017 03:530  
for those who use graph & recursion approachAnton1119. Metro18 Feb 2017 03:513  
As a fixed time solutions on the server?BrainBreaker1222. Chernobyl’ Eagles17 Feb 2017 22:462  
Компилятор JAVAIlya Shuvaloff1404. Easy to Hack!17 Feb 2017 17:372  
Why I got Wrong answer at Test 2? Can anybody give me a test about it?Dryad1267. Yekaterinburg Subway17 Feb 2017 14:2412  

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