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???Search1607. Taxi12 Dec 2018 21:2111  
suggestions for wa1OIer_cjf1102. Strange Dialog12 Dec 2018 14:394  
Структуры, указатель, динамический массивChika11 Dec 2018 22:100  
Java language the best in the worldTUITUF_Bahrom1402. Cocktails11 Dec 2018 11:431  
C ++ Accepted with long long :) Khujamurod Murtozakulov (Tashkent U of IT)1402. Cocktails11 Dec 2018 11:380  
for anyone who has WA#13Najmaddin Akhundov1402. Cocktails11 Dec 2018 11:312  
WA6ura1140. Swamp Incident10 Dec 2018 20:320  
я гейmathew1264. Workdays10 Dec 2018 19:570  
два бандитаБогдан1409. Two Gangsters10 Dec 2018 19:250  
правильнаmathew1409. Two Gangsters10 Dec 2018 19:240  
To admins: Input format question:lenny1039. Anniversary Party10 Dec 2018 17:421  
How can I not Memory Limit Exceeded?tsinZ_9151039. Anniversary Party10 Dec 2018 17:392  
TLE8 PythonManfre1196. History Exam10 Dec 2018 17:320  
Some test casesSmilodon_am [Obninsk INPE]2108. Oleg and Little Ponies10 Dec 2018 01:380  
Wrong Answer on Test #16Shabab Karim1280. Topological Sorting9 Dec 2018 21:252  
I think problem is wrongJamesBond_0071112. Cover9 Dec 2018 19:550  
What's the meaning of "Land fragments that are adjacent to the map's border are not considered as islands." ???XueMao1250. Sea Burial9 Dec 2018 18:402  
tests🦄Imosk72🦄∭GTGU∭1947. Meander8 Dec 2018 21:470  
prolem description didn't say one bank can only buy one detorShen Yang1652. Banking Crisis8 Dec 2018 13:450  
WA on test 5Abhishek1471. Distance in the Tree8 Dec 2018 12:261  

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