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my submission list?Faysal Ahmed23 Mar 2018 18:231  
any information about test 13 ?SerjMakarov2014. Zhenya moves from parents23 Mar 2018 06:460  
Can I get test #1 ?Andreas Mihaloianis1004. Sightseeing Trip22 Mar 2018 02:324  
9th testShohin2011. Long Statement21 Mar 2018 07:122  
Time limit exceeded on tes 8 (java), i dont know which way is excellentAydar1654. Cipher Message21 Mar 2018 06:113  
Incorrect unswer. UnknownAyrat1002. Phone Numbers20 Mar 2018 19:070  
hintsASK1234. Bricks20 Mar 2018 16:020  
what went wrong here? I compiled it in dr.Java and it was okayRiyad Ahsan Auntor1068. Sum20 Mar 2018 04:513  
No subjectIvan1068. Sum19 Mar 2018 23:500  
An efficient solution2ch1223. Chernobyl’ Eagle on a Roof19 Mar 2018 20:390  
Comp errornexerd1119. Metro19 Mar 2018 16:471  
WA 5Ildar Valiev1709. Penguin-Avia19 Mar 2018 04:1115  
test for wrong #14Bahodir | TUIT |1404. Easy to Hack!18 Mar 2018 02:491  
WA 1!?kaifonaft1305. Convex Hull18 Mar 2018 02:352  
My algorithm is too slow.It takes more than 0.6sec.So,somebody got AC less than 0.3sec,would you please send your progeam to me?(yym2008@hotmail.com)Yu YuanMing1168. Radio Stations18 Mar 2018 00:555  
Java как короче?Anton1000. A+B Problem17 Mar 2018 13:281  
checkerASK1659. Regular Triangles17 Mar 2018 02:180  
can anyone write shorter solotion than mine ? Saber1082. Gaby Ivanushka17 Mar 2018 00:4713  
WA 2Desargues1204. Idempotents16 Mar 2018 14:361  
No subjectYaroslaff1430. Crime and Punishment16 Mar 2018 13:040  

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