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why??Shen Yang1529. Game of Squares19 Nov 2017 12:120  
WA 9Wlad1752. Tree 219 Nov 2017 01:450  
WA #14MatrixDeity1297. Palindrome18 Nov 2017 00:564  
To admins: why don't you notify users about rejudge?Alexey Dergunov [RIP Samara SAU]1211. Collective Guarantee18 Nov 2017 00:520  
please give the code to javapumpum11038. Spell Checker17 Nov 2017 14:190  
No subjectbygaga1758. Bald Spot Revisited 217 Nov 2017 13:190  
WA but its working correct any ideas?nasafiy2023. Donald is a postman17 Nov 2017 00:461  
is this algo correct??Shen Yang1967. Programmer Casino16 Nov 2017 11:212  
Anyone crash test#2abc1471. Distance in the Tree14 Nov 2017 20:251  
Random Test Cases Aditya Singh1684. Jack's Last Word14 Nov 2017 17:280  
Time limit excedeed test 9 pythonMark_Komissarov1049. Brave Balloonists14 Nov 2017 13:540  
Random Test Cases Aditya Singh1138. Integer Percentage13 Nov 2017 21:220  
Where I am wrong ??? Clarification with data inputManciu Ion1650. Billionaires13 Nov 2017 14:241  
Combinatory solutionDmitri Belous1044. Lucky Tickets. Easy!13 Nov 2017 03:052  
Very funny problemDidi (OSU11)2069. Hard Rock13 Nov 2017 02:341  
{c++} What's wrong here ? It seems like my compiler shows right answer ... Please , give a hand guysSaid7071001. Reverse Root12 Nov 2017 17:060  
The problem is easily solvable without segment tree.Jorres1019. Line Painting11 Nov 2017 22:530  
No subjectJorres1019. Line Painting11 Nov 2017 22:510  
No subjectJorres1019. Line Painting11 Nov 2017 22:510  
I was trying to it in an clever wayMahilewets1002. Phone Numbers11 Nov 2017 22:145  

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