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Does one need BigInteger to solve this?dull_jester1158. Censored!25 May 2017 01:451  
Segment tree.Mahilewets1613. For Fans of Statistics23 May 2017 11:150  
Spoiler (don't even open if u want to solve by yourself)jk_qq2060. Subpalindrome pairs22 May 2017 20:390  
Python -- what's wrong with my code?Nin_Jar1005. Stone Pile22 May 2017 17:441  
C# шо ни так??kuvaldaman1723. Sandro's Book21 May 2017 17:031  
АлгоритмRuslan1465. Pawn Game21 May 2017 16:241  
Is "1513.Lemon Tale" the same problem? Mahilewets2018. The Debut Album21 May 2017 10:512  
Explain why my sol is incorrectMahilewets1513. Lemon Tale20 May 2017 18:342  
Wrong Answer 30Mahilewets1274. Fractional Arithmetic20 May 2017 12:491  
Math solution but still not enough fastMahilewets1597. Chernobyl’ Eagle on a Roof. Version 219 May 2017 15:496  
hint Mostafa Tantawy2056. Scholarship19 May 2017 00:500  
What is my code doing?Nithin1982. Electrification Plan17 May 2017 20:121  
How to memorize used vertices while doing BFSMahilewets1437. Gasoline Station15 May 2017 18:560  
FormulaOrmanov Meirkhan1502. Domino Dots15 May 2017 17:310  
Possible way to solve it (long arithmetic ) Mahilewets1547. Password Search14 May 2017 22:020  
Possible way to solve it (Python) Mahilewets2100. Wedding Dinner14 May 2017 17:310  
Possible way to solve it (Python) Mahilewets1837. Isenbaev's Number14 May 2017 17:050  
What should I output If a=1?Alexey1355. Bald Spot Revisited13 May 2017 22:275  
No subjectKaliningrad SU -J_A_MES-HeadLiner1183. Brackets Sequence13 May 2017 22:117  
Accepted with cin/ cout!!IlushaMax1048. Superlong Sums13 May 2017 20:300  

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