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Discussion of Problem 1001. Reverse Root

(JAVA) Runs fine in Eclipse but judge says there's a runtime error. HELP!Kenny Castro-Monroy1001. Reverse Root6 Jun 2018 00:282  
Python 3.6 What's wrong with the code? Что не так с кодом?2tlin1001. Reverse Root4 May 2018 00:570  
как решать?C_p1001. Reverse Root2 Apr 2018 19:018  
I CAN´T SEE WHAT IS WRONG (JAVA )Felix Leonel Chaves1001. Reverse Root29 Mar 2018 01:271  
Accepted C#PI−2016-Trykoza1001. Reverse Root4 Mar 2018 20:072  
C: Whats wrong with task?Nick1001. Reverse Root11 Feb 2018 02:010  
Runtime error (Access violation) at Case #9 (C++)Meraj al Maksud1001. Reverse Root23 Jan 2018 03:000  
Where is my fault?(C answer)LK Duan1001. Reverse Root10 Jan 2018 19:191  
Возможные недочёты в условии задачиAlexandr1001. Reverse Root10 Jan 2018 03:491  
Христа ради спасите // Help please Rustam_True_Proger1001. Reverse Root8 Jan 2018 21:152  
(с) ????Anastasia Nani1001. Reverse Root20 Nov 2017 19:570  
(с) ????Anastasia Nani1001. Reverse Root20 Nov 2017 19:480  
{c++} What's wrong here ? It seems like my compiler shows right answer ... Please , give a hand guysSaid7071001. Reverse Root12 Nov 2017 17:060  
What is wrong with this solution? Judge is giving output as Wrong Answernahusha1001. Reverse Root26 Oct 2017 19:500  
1001 C# Can anyone explain why this is wrong?Kris1001. Reverse Root9 Oct 2017 12:331  
Where is my fault ?Nikolai1001. Reverse Root9 Oct 2017 12:321  
Run time eror(Stack Overflow)why?Chowdhury Md. Ishmam Rahman1001. Reverse Root5 Oct 2017 18:282  
Python Что не так в коде?FY0u111001. Reverse Root4 Oct 2017 22:173  
Help! В чём проблема? Java qNkkkk1001. Reverse Root20 Sep 2017 21:571  
Wrong answer (C)alexanius1001. Reverse Root17 Sep 2017 04:333  

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