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Discussion of Problem 1001. Reverse Root

Help! В чём проблема? Java qNkkkk1001. Reverse Root20 Sep 2017 21:571  
Wrong answer (C)alexanius1001. Reverse Root17 Sep 2017 04:333  
Христа ради спасите // Help please Rustam_True_Proger1001. Reverse Root14 Sep 2017 15:471  
Runtime error (access violation) for CMozzi1001. Reverse Root14 Sep 2017 08:463  
AC 0.001s !!!!!xurshid_n1001. Reverse Root8 Sep 2017 13:535  
Newton Raphson instead of sqrt() but getting WA on test case 2thanos1001. Reverse Root6 Aug 2017 10:302  
Python3 help me to understand, what is wrong?master82821001. Reverse Root20 Jul 2017 23:225  
Python Что не так в коде?FY0u111001. Reverse Root20 Jul 2017 03:242  
AC (Pascal)ArcKontyR1001. Reverse Root9 Jun 2017 11:400  
why so many numbers we need ?Serizna1001. Reverse Root13 Mar 2017 12:342  
почему Console.InAndreyMakuhin1001. Reverse Root8 Mar 2017 03:591  
What's wrong? WA1Dmitry_Terenichev1001. Reverse Root8 Mar 2017 03:491  
help me\ PASCAL wrong answer test:2Олександр1001. Reverse Root21 Feb 2017 14:221  
"runtime error (access violation)" philimonix1001. Reverse Root15 Feb 2017 12:404  
Please, tell me, why it is wrong? (Python 3.4)Teiwaz1001. Reverse Root22 Jan 2017 13:084  
i dont know whats wrong with my codePutu Gede Semara Putra1001. Reverse Root21 Jan 2017 18:160  
Array declaration outside vs inside of mainLucas1001. Reverse Root5 Jan 2017 06:492  
как решать?C_p1001. Reverse Root22 Dec 2016 09:032  
What's wrong with my code? (Pascal)genchildren1001. Reverse Root20 Dec 2016 02:593  
На тестовых входных данных вроде всё ок. Но выдаёт Wrong Answer. Почему?ivanbelousov1001. Reverse Root6 Dec 2016 18:121  

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