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Discussion of Problem 1005. Stone Pile

Bit shifting takes too much time in python.master82821005. Stone Pile6 Feb 2018 23:020  
C# Runtime errorSerge1005. Stone Pile14 Jan 2018 20:220  
TEST 2Ken1005. Stone Pile21 Dec 2017 12:332  
Какие данные вводятся в 9 вводеМихаил1005. Stone Pile6 Nov 2017 19:483  
(C++)Есть способ получше ?Ludmila1005. Stone Pile23 Jul 2017 08:411  
Test 2 WA ?!JuliM1005. Stone Pile4 Jul 2017 23:181  
Python -- what's wrong with my code?Nin_Jar1005. Stone Pile22 May 2017 17:441  
God Help ME !!! Why ?Mostafa_angel1005. Stone Pile14 Apr 2017 03:363  
My code isn't wrong ... make tests C languageIslam Gamal1005. Stone Pile23 Mar 2017 10:010  
why wrong???Islam Gamal1005. Stone Pile23 Mar 2017 08:240  
Why "Wrong Answer"?Konstantin1005. Stone Pile9 Feb 2017 14:591  
WA 4 keekkenen1005. Stone Pile6 Feb 2017 00:130  
Solution!!!(Норм решение? Is this solution well ^_^?)Ilya1005. Stone Pile14 Jan 2017 19:101  
Anyone have test 3 ?hailoc121005. Stone Pile30 Nov 2016 21:580  
WA9, I'm check all forum topic, all test success, but WA9. Please!!!phfaster1005. Stone Pile17 Nov 2016 19:040  
WA9 What is testМихаил1005. Stone Pile16 Oct 2016 01:130  
Why my program WA ????why why ??Михаил1005. Stone Pile16 Oct 2016 01:120  
WA8 What is testMirjalol1005. Stone Pile12 Oct 2016 19:491  
В среде DevC++ все работает правильно и по условию, а на сайте выдает Wrong answer.LDGoD1005. Stone Pile19 Sep 2016 15:311  
WA test #7,I don't why,who can help me aurora1005. Stone Pile9 Sep 2016 17:520  

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