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Discussion of Problem 1119. Metro

Is given problem test case is right???codefresher1119. Metro27 Mar 2019 00:010  
Is possible to have AC on Python 3.6?Egor_Shchetinin1119. Metro14 Feb 2019 17:590  
С++14 ACD4nick1119. Metro27 Jan 2019 01:070  
A better solutionComebackSeason1119. Metro9 Jan 2019 20:323  
WA 11, Can take testsAsura1119. Metro19 Aug 2018 01:030  
If you get WA2mr_invincible1119. Metro2 Jun 2018 19:318  
Comp errornexerd1119. Metro19 Mar 2018 16:471  
To adminsMescheryakov_Kirill [SESC17]1119. Metro15 Mar 2018 09:481  
WA test5! Help, please!Kate1119. Metro22 Jan 2018 12:262  
Need Help TEAST CASE5Dewesh Deo Singh1119. Metro22 Jan 2018 12:241  
WA10 testGerman1119. Metro22 Jul 2017 16:343  
Please give me test case 10. My program passes all the tests I found here.Alex1119. Metro14 Mar 2017 12:320  
TLE with bfssukhad1119. Metro18 Feb 2017 03:530  
for those who use graph & recursion approachAnton1119. Metro18 Feb 2017 03:513  
There exists O(K^2) solution!!!c_pp1119. Metro7 Jan 2017 21:270  
getting Runtime error in test case 3 of metro. Please helpSushant Bhat1119. Metro4 Sep 2016 19:341  
Кто-нибудь может помочь?Moraxis1119. Metro20 Jun 2015 20:281  
java AC codeesbybb1119. Metro14 Jun 2015 17:282  
WA#10. Non DP Solution. Python 2.7.m1cky1119. Metro3 May 2015 01:460  
Wrong answer on 6th test. Please help:)Georgi_georgiev1119. Metro5 Apr 2015 23:3711  

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