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Discussion of Problem 1126. Magnetic Storms

My code AC with GCC, but WA with G++. Any one help explain it?some_programming_novice1126. Magnetic Storms12 Jan 2019 12:120  
easy O(n log m) c++ 0.062 824кбViktor Krivoshchekov`~1126. Magnetic Storms5 Jan 2019 16:360  
access violation errorDebagnik Roy1126. Magnetic Storms17 Nov 2018 12:500  
Solution using SQRT_DECOMPOSITIONiOli1126. Magnetic Storms19 Apr 2018 22:180  
Where can I improve on my Python solution?kitchent1126. Magnetic Storms1 Apr 2018 01:100  
Binary indexed tree(Fenwick tree)ComebackSeason1126. Magnetic Storms11 Jun 2017 18:060  
Nice O(n) solution on javakvirkvia1126. Magnetic Storms28 May 2017 16:292  
LOL O(N*M) works...without any data structuresIlushaMax1126. Magnetic Storms3 Apr 2017 22:510  
WA #6pidgey1126. Magnetic Storms2 Apr 2017 17:420  
Different approaches to solve the taskmberdyshev1126. Magnetic Storms28 Feb 2017 04:540  
It can be solve in O(N+M)Ted1126. Magnetic Storms8 Jan 2017 01:278  
why WA1 ???? my program do right answerLev_Kireenko 🐬1126. Magnetic Storms6 Jan 2017 21:284  
Brute force;-)Katy1126. Magnetic Storms20 Mar 2016 19:044  
wa#2 come inChidori1126. Magnetic Storms16 Sep 2014 19:364  
WA#3Yoshinaz1126. Magnetic Storms27 Sep 2013 09:132  
@Admins: please correct the limitsshafaet1126. Magnetic Storms29 Aug 2012 18:012  
TL on test 2; O( (n-m)*log m ), is O(n logm) slow ?cs_Diablo1126. Magnetic Storms31 Jul 2012 21:062  
HINT! Memory should be above 25000 but 14000 , I got crash because of it :(vongang1126. Magnetic Storms31 Jul 2012 21:001  
Why TL with n*log(m) solution?Vitalii Arbuzov1126. Magnetic Storms16 Apr 2012 00:262  
Don't use minmax.hArtyom Averin [Psych Up club]1126. Magnetic Storms18 Mar 2012 08:021  

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