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Discussion of Problem 1319. Hotel

anyone in O(1) extra space?Aayush Chaturvedi1319. Hotel7 Aug 2019 11:120  
easy solution in c++Yucheng1319. Hotel27 Feb 2019 15:130  
Accepted in c++WENXIANG LU1319. Hotel15 Jul 2017 13:532  
What's in test #4? Please, helpSapunovnik1319. Hotel10 Jun 2017 15:160  
hint Mostafa Tantawy1319. Hotel29 Apr 2017 21:480  
why is Wrong answer? (use Visual C++ 2013)Huyen Pham1319. Hotel22 Dec 2015 10:020  
C# Acceptedanete.anetes1319. Hotel17 Mar 2015 14:100  
Format of outputAleksandar Bukva1319. Hotel4 Oct 2014 06:030  
hint for some one that want to think more...mhg1319. Hotel26 Sep 2014 21:480  
nothingOuch1319. Hotel31 Oct 2013 23:150  
WA 4 Help!!Alexandr-pro1319. Hotel8 Oct 2013 06:520  
AC Python 3.3lomobit1319. Hotel28 Jul 2013 00:160  
asdasdasdranc_dm1319. Hotel16 May 2013 22:060  
What can be the reason of Crash (access violation)? On my computer it works great.vpro1319. Hotel20 Jun 2012 20:120  
I have optimized the problem,but it took me more time!我是中国人1319. Hotel23 May 2012 11:481  
what the first test?ejjjik1319. Hotel29 Dec 2011 13:250  
It is possible to write the output to one line.Zefick1319. Hotel9 Dec 2011 11:240  
This is my very simple solution in Pacal!NikolaV9941319. Hotel26 Nov 2011 22:050  
here is the mathematic methodesger1319. Hotel10 Oct 2011 08:332  
Mistakes in statementFyodor Menshikov1319. Hotel4 Sep 2011 11:531  

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