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Discussion of Problem 1423. String Tale

SolutionСонечка1423. String Tale14 Apr 2018 23:590  
WA11Didi (OSU11)1423. String Tale16 Mar 2018 01:250  
Shortest solutionDranik1423. String Tale9 Nov 2017 08:422  
WA8 with kmp!!!YuFeng1423. String Tale11 Jul 2017 23:441  
WA8 Rabin–Karp and AC with KMPZura Isakadze [Tbilisi SU]1423. String Tale5 Apr 2017 22:203  
WA#4Giorgi1423. String Tale19 Nov 2016 03:000  
WA#8 testUmidbek1423. String Tale14 Sep 2016 15:430  
Java AC 3rd place solutionesbybb1423. String Tale9 Aug 2015 23:390  
Please help me!Maksat "TheBiggestMax" Orazov1423. String Tale2 Apr 2015 10:490  
TLE on #8Shervin1423. String Tale11 Feb 2015 09:240  
WA 8 possibilityKuros1423. String Tale26 Dec 2014 02:350  
Помогите с решением vot1423. String Tale7 Nov 2014 17:400  
Why Runtime error (access violation) ?Kimbizin1423. String Tale4 Jun 2014 22:180  
WA 31Arsenal911 (Samara)1423. String Tale29 May 2014 08:372  
hint for WA#2Accepted1423. String Tale22 Sep 2013 20:101  
Strange compilation errorGeorgiy Platonov1423. String Tale17 Dec 2012 17:582  
Time limit test#10Plakhov6181423. String Tale17 Dec 2012 02:551  
To Admins: strange compilation errormikroz1423. String Tale13 Dec 2012 21:412  
Crash in test#6 Ildar101423. String Tale20 Mar 2012 03:241  
help please, I used KMP but I have TLE_5Giorgi Saghinadze (Tbilisi SU)1423. String Tale4 Mar 2012 04:142  

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