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Discussion of Problem 1452. Pascal vs. C++

Probably weak testsSirko1452. Pascal vs. C++25 Feb 2017 08:030  
optimizationGrandmaster1452. Pascal vs. C++27 Sep 2016 01:430  
A good solution found on the netwangbicheng11452. Pascal vs. C++8 Nov 2015 09:430  
WA3 ???hailoc121452. Pascal vs. C++13 Apr 2015 23:170  
WA 1aslan74701452. Pascal vs. C++14 Mar 2015 01:440  
WA 6....Pushkar Mishra1452. Pascal vs. C++22 Jan 2014 11:181  
Help! WA#5!wyyyl1452. Pascal vs. C++30 Nov 2013 21:002  
WA 1 but right answer!!!Wasdek1452. Pascal vs. C++16 Nov 2013 15:362  
ADMINS!!! WRONG TEST!!!Alexander Prudaev1452. Pascal vs. C++13 Nov 2013 20:0417  
SolutionCarbon1452. Pascal vs. C++12 Aug 2013 04:175  
Алгоритм. Быстродействие O(N^2), память O(N)aslan74701452. Pascal vs. C++30 Mar 2013 22:410  
How to read input data in Pascal?Iosif inf-101452. Pascal vs. C++6 Feb 2013 14:080  
WA3Ig1452. Pascal vs. C++30 Jul 2012 09:201  
Crash <acces violant> on test 3! Pls helpRoman Furko1452. Pascal vs. C++17 Jun 2011 01:410  
please. Help me!!{AESC USU} Dembel1452. Pascal vs. C++4 Jan 2011 21:483  
note for WA#11hoan1452. Pascal vs. C++4 Jan 2011 18:550  
WA #9Chalyshev Vladimir [cmd]1452. Pascal vs. C++26 Aug 2010 08:301  
WA 8:(((THE_SCORPION1452. Pascal vs. C++2 Feb 2010 00:091  
WA46Carbon1452. Pascal vs. C++9 Apr 2007 17:430  
Admin! Can this problem be solved in Java in O(n^2)?Marko Tintor1452. Pascal vs. C++17 Oct 2006 18:092  

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