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Discussion of Problem 1638. Bookworm

Ни как не могу понять что тут не правильно. Помогите пожалуйстаVahagn971638. Bookworm20 Dec 2017 22:221  
how to simplify solutionarrammis1638. Bookworm19 Aug 2016 19:471  
Is this consideration right?Humoyun Ahmedov1638. Bookworm10 Nov 2015 07:400  
Interesting Problem it is...!ইলহাম আল মুসাব্বির1638. Bookworm26 Jul 2015 16:580  
Description of the mistake in the format of the sample inputBahturin Alexander (SibSUTI)1638. Bookworm27 Apr 2014 13:0410  
WHY WA 5JAVATO1638. Bookworm11 Mar 2014 19:505  
Accepted (pascal) 100% правильноDeymos1638. Bookworm16 Aug 2013 09:410  
Solution on C#Smith1638. Bookworm25 Jun 2013 20:423  
Could someone please kindly explain the example solution provided.Anupam Ghosh, Wipro Technologies1638. Bookworm15 Oct 2012 22:371  
I can't understand the problem's statementBahturin Alexander (SibSUTI)1638. Bookworm15 Oct 2012 22:233  
Тест 1 почему не работает ????!!!AndreyKopchuk1638. Bookworm4 Jun 2012 19:012  
Test pleaseNikita Sivukhin1638. Bookworm29 Apr 2012 18:162  
WA 10rakeshvarna1638. Bookworm21 Apr 2012 00:352  
Why WA#9?Kernel1638. Bookworm21 Apr 2012 00:351  
This problem is really fun!MinqiPan1638. Bookworm21 Apr 2012 00:342  
test 10 -help!!!Nargiza Asqarova1638. Bookworm7 Dec 2011 16:422  
solution The are three formulesMichail Yudin1638. Bookworm6 Sep 2011 23:473  
Sample testA.Z1638. Bookworm31 Aug 2011 14:3011  
Do you wanna know what is WA5?Hikmat1638. Bookworm20 Aug 2011 14:560  
hintAydar1638. Bookworm15 Aug 2011 20:002  

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