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Discussion of Problem 1642. 1D Maze

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WA 18coolhackermasya1642. 1D Maze17 Oct 2017 19:142  
WA 18coolhackermasya1642. 1D Maze13 Mar 2017 23:051  
WA #4S.Radjabov1642. 1D Maze15 Jan 2017 02:452  
why "wa #11"?lian lian1642. 1D Maze10 Dec 2016 18:065  
testpanther.uz1642. 1D Maze17 Jun 2016 22:353  
WA #2. Second test is not correctKipsasjaujoj1642. 1D Maze22 Feb 2016 14:404  
for All of ProgrammersAdhambek1642. 1D Maze16 Jan 2016 23:087  
if you have WA10szatkus1642. 1D Maze7 Dec 2015 13:366  
Access Violation ? (Test 1)Mickkie1642. 1D Maze30 May 2015 10:323  
Please, help me(( WA9Vanakals1642. 1D Maze5 Apr 2014 18:151  
wa #13 ПОЧЕМУУУУУУУУЛерник Казарян1642. 1D Maze4 Apr 2014 17:372  
wrong test 7 input datathegriglat1642. 1D Maze27 Feb 2013 12:521  
What am I doing wrong?Jamshid Akhmedov1642. 1D Maze2 Feb 2013 14:562  
WA #8kilyak1642. 1D Maze1 Nov 2012 11:141  
WA #3Max Pilgrim1642. 1D Maze15 Oct 2012 19:035  
what's wrong? on my pc it works right... (Pascal)jss941642. 1D Maze14 Oct 2012 19:031  
WA #13Hi4ko1642. 1D Maze14 Jan 2012 20:542  
test #7Ivan1642. 1D Maze12 Nov 2011 20:103  
WA13 help meJumabek_Alihonov1642. 1D Maze22 Oct 2011 15:551  
what if in one way we can reach , but on opposite way we can't?A.Z1642. 1D Maze20 Oct 2011 21:187  

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