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Discussion of Problem 1669. Universal Word

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how to prove the answer is NO when k > 20panyong02021669. Universal Word30 Nov 2014 18:191  
What is algo?IgorKoval(from Pskov)1669. Universal Word29 Sep 2013 16:232  
test 70: n == 18 and answer is YESOrthocenter1669. Universal Word8 Mar 2012 13:371  
How to avoid TLESevenEleven [Tartu U]1669. Universal Word20 Aug 2011 19:565  
Wonder what's the solutions which runs in 0.1 second?Gandalf1669. Universal Word20 Feb 2010 18:291  
Wrong Answer #73Vanja Petrovic Tankovic1669. Universal Word3 May 2009 15:203  
Time Limit Exceeded - Test #14Varun Sharma1669. Universal Word30 Apr 2009 09:291  
Is n<=8??? (If the word has <300 letters)Yulia1669. Universal Word2 Feb 2009 00:035  
No subjectvav[14]1669. Universal Word26 Dec 2008 14:051  
New test (+)Sandro (USU)1669. Universal Word21 Dec 2008 22:461  
wrong answer #8Cu-star1669. Universal Word21 Dec 2008 07:296  
when will these problems add to prob. set?wFeral1669. Universal Word20 Dec 2008 19:382  
How many tests are there?Marginean Ciprian1669. Universal Word20 Dec 2008 17:451  

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