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Discussion of Problem 1787. Turn for MEGA

what's wrong??? C++inctnce1787. Turn for MEGA5 Sep 2019 23:550  
No subjectSanchir1787. Turn for MEGA8 Feb 2019 11:030  
C# неправильный ответIvan_Popovich1787. Turn for MEGA16 Dec 2018 15:450  
If you have problems whit programm in test number 6!!!polskyLIDER1787. Turn for MEGA17 Oct 2018 22:152  
Wr.Answ 3dickbooster1787. Turn for MEGA14 Sep 2018 20:332  
Test 3 WRONGFspace1787. Turn for MEGA14 Sep 2018 20:337  
Why wrong answer? Test #3.anar1787. Turn for MEGA14 Sep 2018 20:322  
What problem? Test 3Garfield1787. Turn for MEGA14 Sep 2018 20:311  
Python3 answerEvgeniy1787. Turn for MEGA25 Mar 2018 21:560  
Что не верно? c#dearboss1787. Turn for MEGA14 Mar 2018 18:540  
решение С#Terekhin Grigory1787. Turn for MEGA1 Mar 2018 15:320  
ответ на С++Anastasiya1787. Turn for MEGA17 Jan 2018 14:421  
Что неверно?Dmitry_Terenichev1787. Turn for MEGA24 Nov 2017 19:351  
WA Test #3TwoFace1787. Turn for MEGA4 Dec 2016 16:171  
Whats wrong c++? Vadim1787. Turn for MEGA16 Aug 2016 21:131  
Whats wrong with my code- Failing Test 6!Sri Praneeth Iyyapu1787. Turn for MEGA10 Jun 2016 22:261  
Test case 6 - explainedElPsyCongroo1787. Turn for MEGA10 Jun 2016 22:1411  
Работающая версия [Worked]sovaz19971787. Turn for MEGA28 Apr 2016 09:241  
Test 6. What's wrong? pascalNick1787. Turn for MEGA8 Mar 2016 20:230  
what is wrong?Stan1787. Turn for MEGA19 Nov 2015 19:560  

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