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Discussion of Problem 1787. Turn for MEGA

ошибка на тесте 2Timur Muhammadxon1787. Turn for MEGA8 Nov 2014 16:090  
Ошибка на тесте 6Dima1787. Turn for MEGA7 Nov 2014 17:076  
I made.Mescheryakov_Kirill1787. Turn for MEGA22 Jun 2014 18:151  
wa2 pascalDior1787. Turn for MEGA8 Jun 2014 12:120  
Wrong answer №8 help помогитеvaseyka1787. Turn for MEGA22 Mar 2014 17:000  
AC (cpp)lhyx19901787. Turn for MEGA20 Jan 2014 23:511  
Please help. WA Test 6/ Помогите, пожалуйста. Неправильный ответ. Тест 6Alex1787. Turn for MEGA29 Sep 2013 15:411  
WA2?Николай1787. Turn for MEGA23 Sep 2013 20:220  
WA10rishi21101787. Turn for MEGA5 Aug 2013 00:420  
why wrong ? i can't understand...snowmen1787. Turn for MEGA24 Jul 2013 05:370  
Accepted (sudo rm -rf)Dan1787. Turn for MEGA23 Feb 2013 22:411  
To Admins!kami_botanik1787. Turn for MEGA11 Feb 2013 21:400  
WA 6?x_files_011787. Turn for MEGA1 Feb 2013 04:330  
why crash???????CacTuSx091787. Turn for MEGA23 Jan 2013 21:540  
Wrong 6dima1787. Turn for MEGA17 Nov 2012 21:360  
why WA1!!! Please help!!The Dragon Warrior1787. Turn for MEGA15 Nov 2012 12:390  
wa6 pascalmaksimla1787. Turn for MEGA6 Nov 2012 10:272  
6 testkare611787. Turn for MEGA4 Oct 2012 04:130  
what's wrong with my solution? (test 6)tworogue1787. Turn for MEGA21 Sep 2012 23:231  
WA #1 C++Mary1787. Turn for MEGA27 Jul 2012 20:424  

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