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Discussion of Problem 2023. Donald is a postman

easy cpp solutionholykatty2023. Donald is a postman21 Mar 2019 23:270  
Python2.7 WA#4 what problem, help please?Salavat2023. Donald is a postman2 Oct 2018 09:271  
WA #6 ??? Александр2023. Donald is a postman2 Oct 2018 09:151  
AC_Sol in c++Adkham2023. Donald is a postman22 Aug 2018 15:581  
WA #3 Why it is not working? Koloskova Mariia2023. Donald is a postman20 Jul 2018 14:212  
No subjectYusufjon2023. Donald is a postman20 Jul 2018 14:180  
WA but its working correct any ideas?nasafiy2023. Donald is a postman17 Nov 2017 00:461  
I publish the correct code, but the timus does not accept it, so that everything is normal.Bushmanov2023. Donald is a postman24 Oct 2017 03:592  
Compilation Error?Why?Hokkyss2023. Donald is a postman13 Jul 2017 16:301  
тест №6 в чем проблема? pascalAlectros2023. Donald is a postman18 Nov 2016 19:552  
What wrong answer#3Shohruh_19992023. Donald is a postman10 Nov 2016 08:570  
С# Solutionzak4272023. Donald is a postman29 Jun 2016 14:310  
Here is my ac code and very simple to undestand on c++nick nikuradze2023. Donald is a postman8 May 2016 01:030  
Test #1? Whats wrong with my code?Shavkat_bek2023. Donald is a postman6 May 2016 18:421  
Test №6 В чем ошибка?Mixail2023. Donald is a postman23 Apr 2016 16:151  
This is my solution, and it be Accepted, C++Manh Le Van2023. Donald is a postman23 Apr 2016 15:552  
Why on FPS There isn't any compilation errors but when i'm trying to send it then compilation errorIlushaMax2023. Donald is a postman9 Mar 2016 02:330  
HERE IS THE ANSWERExceptional2023. Donald is a postman9 Feb 2016 20:530  
WA#6 can someone help me?Julius2023. Donald is a postman24 Nov 2015 23:101  
WA8 c++. Help pleaseBUTKO_VNU2023. Donald is a postman17 Nov 2015 11:260  

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