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Discussion of Problem 1109. Conference

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Some words...
Posted by KingPin 6 Jan 2006 05:31
1. I like to solve acm-like problems.

2. I like timus but IMHO sgu is better.
Just one example... (I have more but they all alike)
I wrote solution to problem 1005. Stone pile.
Timus said that it's ACCEPTED. Then I generated
about 20 random tests. My "AC" program FAILED
on 50% of these tests! It's not good at all!
BTW, I don't know about such examples on SGU.

3. Good luck to all who tries to make timus better!
No need to be upset 'cause UVA is worse than TIMUS

Re: Some words...
Posted by jedimastex 6 Jan 2006 14:35
Why are you so sure you program failed them?
It's rather difficult to check large random test without the correct answer (I mean, finding it yourself).
In case it's TL, maybe your computer has less performance
or you are using a different check system that counts astronomical time (if you have a lot of other processes it might have considerable effect).
Re: Some words...
Posted by KingPin 6 Jan 2006 23:51
Who said my random tests were large?

I can check them manually! So correct answer is
pretty obvious.
Re: Some words...
Posted by Vladimir Yakovlev (USU) 7 Jan 2006 02:50
Problem 1005 is very old. Problemsetters of that time couldn't imagine that their problems will be solved in 2006 by thousands of people.

I can't remake all problems in Volume 1 :)
Please, appeal to weak problems of nowadays only.
Re: Re: This problem seems to be unfair
Posted by Гладких Максим 23 May 2006 12:56
In fact Romanovsky describes method that looks like Hopcraft-Karp, but in is O(V^3). (He thinks that adding a chain to matching is O(1))
Re: Re: This problem seems to be unfair
Posted by anonymous 12 Jun 2018 00:04
there are so many discussions. That is why I have written to increase the number of dialogues. :)
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