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Discussion of Problem 1488. ACM Poker

To admins: about seekeof
Posted by I&K 23 Jan 2007 17:03
I couldn't AC this simple problem for a long time because I used seekeof! I always got WA 1. When I change my code and replace seekeof by reading symbol-by-symbol and use eof, I get AC. I think it was a bug in FreePascal because I use Delphi and my program with seekeof successfully works on my computer.
This is one more cause to replace FreePascal 2.0.4 by Delphi.
Re: To admins: about seekeof
Posted by Vedernikoff Sergey 25 Jan 2007 13:09
Yes! And because of the fact during the contest I spend too much time on this problem, and had only +4! This is obvious bug in Free Pascal compiler (or bad input files)